Oct 15, 2013

Angry Birds Go: Racing game from the famous Angry Birds

I hope the memories of the angry birds are still fresh in your minds, If not then don't worry as they are coming again, coming again with more fun as this time it will be about the racing with angry birds. Oh yeah we are not kidding but angry birds racing is coming on December 11.

Rovio the firm which developed the famous game angry birds announced in a press release that a Angry birds based racing game from the firm is round the corner to be released on 11th december across the multiple platforms. So are you excited about the news, you should be as it will be real fun to mix the buzz of angry birds with the racing DNA.

I still can't hold my nerves to play this game plus i heard it will be across multiple platforms so that means even the folks who love to hang around with the windows phone 8 devices won't feel left out, So all that is left is the waiting period till 11th of December when the angry birds racing game will hit the stores.

Oh did i mention it will be free, Well as we listen to the word free our sheer madness for the game doubles though according to the press release there will be in app purchases for the different modes & level. But still we can sit & wait comfortably knowing that it will be free.

Wait patiently as we will be back with a detailed review as soon as we get our hands onto it.

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  1. A new racing game is coming up which puts the famous Angry birds and their arch-rival pigs in a fast and furious race.