Sep 25, 2013

Windows Phone 8 Updated to Windows Phone amber

So the much touted & much needed update for windows phone 8 named as Windows Phone amber has finally landed as per promised by the Nokia. The update which will bring some new features & few old features that were abandoned was in talks maybe everyone was waiting for some refreshing change in their Windows Phone 8. So here we have come up with the features you might be getting depending on the device you get, so here it goes.

Better Pictures

The Lumia Amber update improves the camera capabilities across the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 range with better low-light photos, improved auto focus, enhanced noise filter and more. You will get even better shots.

Nokia Smart Camera

Take a sequence of photos with Nokia Smart Camera, and then choose which story you want to tell. Choose your best shot, capture a sequence of motion, put the motion in focus, remove unwanted moving objects or select the best expressions to make great group shots. Download the Nokia Smart Camera app from the Nokia Collection – you'll find it in the Store on your phone.

Glance Screen is back

Nokia Glance Screen returns with the Lumia Amber update. With the Glance Screen, your Lumia doubles as a clock with day and night modes while keeping you up to speed on your battery status. (Glance Screen is not available for Lumia 520).

FM Radio

Powered by Windows Phone 8, FM Radio comes to Lumia. All you need is to plugin your headset  to enjoy the music you want on the go (FM Radio not available on Lumia 620).

Flip It

The old feature from the time of windows phone 7 is back with Amber update now all you need is to flip your phone to silent it when you don't want to receive a call.

Data Sense

Data sense is a new app that comes with amber update that can be termed as serving old wine in new bottle as it will be giving features like setting the data limit with regular alerts as per user customization.

Call/Sms Filter

So with other features comes another much needed update that allows you to block calls or sms from any number you want though you can choose to receive alerts about the calls/sms from blocked numbers.

Though MSFT & Nokia seemed to be catching up with the other platforms by launching Windows phone amber but by any standards it can't be denied that it wasn't needed as features like FM Radio are must have as we still live in a country that doesn't provide seamless internet to enjoy the internet radio.

Hope you folks will enjoy the update. If you face any problems or have any doubts about how to update then feel free to ask via comments or Query section.

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