Sep 21, 2013

What is "CLASS" of a Memory card?

Dr. Aditya Manekar,
Mumbai, India

Ques. What is "CLASS" of a Memory card? How can we come to know if a particular device will accept a particular class of a memory card? Will you please provide details for the classes of memory cards working in Karbonn ST-10?

Ans. Class of the memory card represents its minimum speed at which it can write data on itself. This means that a class 4 card will have a minimum transfer  speed of 4MB per sec when you copy data from your computer to the memory card. For example a class 8  card will copy data faster than a class 4 card. 

Latest devices support all classes of cards the only limitation factor is the storage size. Technically the Karbonn ST-10 will support all classes of memory cards upto 32GB, always be sure that you buy an original memory card - better buy online. TechTantrik Recommends Sandisk memory cards for the best reliability. 
This is a class 4 card(you can see 4 written on the right of the SanDisk logo)

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