Sep 16, 2013

Will a 2 TB external hard disk work on windows xp sp2?

Sanjay Jha

new panvel


Ques. I want buy a Seagate 2 TB external hard disk. Iam using windows xp sp2 will my OS recognise it 2)I have USB 2 will USB 3.0 hard disk work. 3)which is the best 2 TB external harddisk

Ans. According to Microsoft, 2.1 TB is the limit for Hard Disks supported by Windows XP 32bit. So a 2 TB  should work fine on your PC. 

All USB 3.0 hard Drives are backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports.

Buy any Seagate drive as it is a good brand for external drives.

If you can find a 2TB hard disk that does not require an external power supply within your price range then its well and good but if such a drive is not available then please buy a 1TB drive that does not require a power supply and works only on USB power. This will save your desk from wire clutter and these drives are also more reliable than the ones which need an external power supply. 

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