Sep 7, 2013

Tech Query : Samsung LED TV with green vertical line problem

Nageshwar Dhanwada 


Ques. I have a Samsung LED full HD TV model No.UA40D5500. I had purchased it in Oct 2011 (less than 2 years ago). I am facing issues with its panel with about 20% of the panel covered with white / hazy picture with random color distortion and a single vertical green line on the right hand side. Samsung person had come to chk it but told me that the only way is to replace the panel which will cost me 25-30k!! I bot the TV at 65K!! Is there any way that I can resolve this problem without such a massive bill? Kindly help. 

Ans. This problem can happen due to various causes like something that has hit the tv screen or a panel connectivity cable problem or a circuit board issue or the worse that can happen is the panel going bad. Before getting the panel replaced please get it checked by some other TV technician in your area who is not from Samsung . He can give you possible alternatives by checking other components like the connectivity cable, circuit board etc. If he can't fix it then only go for the panel replacement. 
Also check your panel life  by going into the settings. All these LCD/LED panels have a life of some thousand hours, we at TechTantrik had exposed a big scam by Samsung where they were selling used TVs to new customers wherein they got TVs that had been previously used in TV showrooms for hundreds of hours before being sold to the customer. Check your TV for the same. You can find that article by going here :

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