Sep 16, 2013

Tech Query: Dock for i Pod touch (4th gen) + Headphones + Bluetooth Speakers etc.


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Ques: I have a 4th generation apple ipod touch, I want to buy a portable speaker and headphones for it budget Rs 5,000.what type of speakers and headphones should I buy wired or bluetooth enabled. please suggest with brand name. 2) suggest a dock for 4th generation apple ipod touch budget Rs 5,000 with FM. Suggest a laptop for budget 1)Rs 30,000 and 2)Rs 40,000.

Ans: Head phones wired or bluetooth ? 
If you wand good sound buy wired Headphones and if you want to compromise on it buy Bluetooth enable Headphones.

Our suggestions: Wired Headphones : SoundMAGIC PL11 or Creative EP 630. (Price range: .5 to 1.5k)

Bluetooth Headphones : Sony MW600 ( with built in FM),

Sony SBH20 ( Price range 2 to 3 k)

Bluetooth speaker ? 

Our Suggestions : Sony SBH20, DBEST PS4001BT Solo Mini and BL Flip Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker. ( Price range 1.5 to 4 k)

iPod Dock with FM? 

Our Suggestions: Philips AJ3270D/12 Clock Radio for iPod ( Price range under 4 k)

Suggest a laptop ?

We just do not recommend laptop on the basis of price limit, there are other parameters also that are to be considered depending upon your usage requirement. Please be more descriptive about your laptop requirement.

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