Sep 12, 2013

JollyBot Trojan is Being Distributed As Service

Another bad news for Android users. Security researchers from Lookout have identified a new Russian malware JolyBot SMS Trojan. This Trojan is being distributed by cyber-criminals as a service.

This trojan earns money for its creators by sending money to premium rate numbers from all infected devices. Unlike other Trojans, it is not being spreaded via apps. Cyber criminals are offering a service. Once a user subscribed their service, they give a tool kit to download. Once this tool kit is downloaded on the device, it starts infecting other installed apps.

Researchers claim that risk on infection is low and restricted to Russia and surrounding countries. Because author can only register to premium rate numbers in his country. But this kind of infection can be done from other countries too. And we can not deny it.

Currently the Trojan is hosted only a Russian social media website “Spaces”. So far, infected apps detected include popular games, utilities, pornography and security apps.

So to Stay Safe you should Download mobiles apps only from trusted stores. In your Android device system settings, make sure that ‘Unknown Sources’ is unchecked to prevent drive-by-download apps.

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