Sep 18, 2013

Host a Website Using Dropbox


There are times when we each one of us a geek get bumped into an idea or platform that we really want to Showcase to the world, many such ideas require a website to be hosted & then starts the real problem as few don't know how to host a website, some don't have the adequate resources(Monetary or hardware) & few like me are too lazy to run short scripts on VPS but now you don't have to worry about all these as few fiery developers solved the problem by enabling us to host website directly from our dropbox folder using the service termed as Brace.

 It's a story of few months back when i was talking to one of my friend about devising a method to host a website from dropbox, box or from any other cloud storage service as they are always live, served remotely plus got humungous computing power to render a number of queries so we give a thought to that, even done some DFDs, few brainstorming sessions but like any other project we were very lazy to proceed & maybe at that time it wasn't on the list of SOP for our needs. But trust me this was not the end of the story.

Today while scrolling down my twitter handle i saw the same idea only to realize that these folks worked out what we thought we could & have really made it working though it will take time to reach the public. What the have done is wrote down an API that communicates with a specified folder of your dropbox account & then serves it as remote host for the site which for novice users seems like a cake walk. I don't feel a need to describe the hard work they have to do at the back side as usual but hatsoff to them as they are really solving the purpose & will surely prove to be a handy idea for the people who just want to host website for the first time.

So i would recommend people to have a look at Brace   Signup for it & be a part of another tech trend otherwise you may also end up appreciating others what you could have done.   

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