Sep 14, 2013

Finally Adds IMAP Support

Microsoft's finally gets IMAP support.Microsoft has fulfilled its promise of adding support for IMAP. Microsoft also listed the server settings that users will need to use to get IMAP support setup for their account.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), is one of the popular email retrieval protocol that helps users keep various devices in sync with the same email account (mailbox).The other popular  protocol is POP  (Post Office Protocol) ,which offers far fewer features compared to IMAP. 
IMAP lets users to sync with various devices to the same mailbox, such that they can share information like message status(read,unread,replied-to,flagship,etc..)with each other. Where POP  is also an email retrieval protocol that lets users retrieve emails from the server onto their devices (computer or mobile)while  optionally leaving a copy on the server. 

     This addition of IMAP will allow a much wider range of apps to connect Microsoft's, and should offer a small but significant push in adaption of the email service by end users.   


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