Sep 26, 2013

Editr.js The plugin For code editor on Website

On a number of times we do need to write or Display code to our visitors or readers that too in the form of code only so that they can copy it to check on their own but still they turn up messing it so to resolve that problem here comes a JS plugin named as Editr.js that enables you to not only merge your code into it but users can also modify & run it as per their need or for the experiment purpose.

Though the Editr.js is not the first one but still it's first of it's kind as the other services like never provided the functionality of merging it to our own website. Moreover the Editr.js also provides the functionality to link the multiple files. The other features are as follows,

Load Files from Git

Ah that's the feature everyone would be looking for as it enables us to merge code directly from our Git repository keeping us hassle free from copying or merging the code into the native one Plus it will also enable the version control of the hosted demo code.

Emmet support

The Editr.js also provides with the seamless integration of the That enables you to have a code editor like the one provided by MSFT as visual studio.

Nice Code Editor

It Uses Ace as their native code editor client that is one of the most popular code editor for web developers.

These were just a few as you get many more with the editr.js, so what are you waiting for go to their site  Try their product or maybe you can contribute to the product by modifying the repository at Git.

We would love to hear your opinions about Editr.js So after trying to tell us about your experience.

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