Sep 25, 2013

Android Device Manager Gets Remote Lock Feature

Google has pushed a new update to its Android tracking service, Android device manager. Now, it lets users lock their Android device from remote location. This feature is really helpful when you lose your phone and do not want to lose your data by wiping out the device.
For using this feature, you need to enable “allow remote lock and factory reset” on your device in Google settings. Whenever you want to lock your phone, open the Android device manager web interface. And select lock option. Add a new pin and it will override the existing lock-screen with PIN and PIN lock with this new one.

This feature is specially added for those people who want to protect their smartphone data but do not want to wipe it. If you device is not in range when you opt for the new pin, pin will be added when the device will come back to the service area.

If you own an Android device, we strongly recommend using Android device manager to protect your smartphone data.

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