Aug 28, 2013

Why Nokia Lumia 800 is still worth buying

The Nokia LUMIA 800 is a touchscreen feature phone from Nokia. It runs on Window Phone 7.5 Operating System(now updated to windows phone 7.8) with 1.4 GHz Processor. It comes with  8.1 MP camera with Flash. This Phone comes with 3.7 inch LCD display which supports the 480×800 pixels. Nokia LUMIA 800 has 3.5mm Audio jack with audio controller on the left side of the device. It supports Internet browsing, GPRS and EDGE. It has 16GB on board Memory.

Now after the description lets come back to the top as i don't want people to keep guessing that why would a person like me will suggest folks to buy a phone that launched more than a year ago but considering the aspects like it's a Windows phone equipped with hardware that makes it par even with Android counterparts in the current market price where you can buy it from 14K to 16K.

Talking about the hardware & software then we all know it's hardware capacities & now as it is updated to windows phone 7.8 then you can be sure about the many features of Windows Phone 8 except the  NFC well that's a functionality provided by hardware change so in any case it won't be available.

Now comparing with the Windows Phone 8 phones like Lumia 720 & Lumia 620 then again it scores par with them in terms of hardware as i already mentioned. So coming to the conclusion i wont mind mind putting my money on the Lumia 800 as it is still one beast  that holds really nice hardware plus the features of windows phone 8 touted as Windows Phone 7.8, Though people might have a different view but my full money is on lumia 800 so views of folks who doesn't share the same are welcome in the comments.

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