Aug 26, 2013


Is your new SAMSUNG LED/LCD TV really new ?

Think Again !

Yes, all the TV companies in India are selling their customers USED TVs. These TV Sets are used by dealers in their showrooms for public display for about 2-3 months on an average, and these on display sets are repacked and sold to the customer.

Since these TV companies do not provide any tamper proof seal on the packaging of TV there is no way a consumer can know that a new product is being delivered to the customer. Consumer cannot judge if the the TV is new just looking at the  TV box. (For example when you buy a cell phone, you always see whether the seal on the packaging box is intact or not and then only you buy it.)

* How to check your TV is brand New ?

Ans: By looking at the Panel  Display Time.

* What is Panel Display Time ?
Ans: It is the time that shows how long the LCD/LED panel has been running.

Example: If your televisions panel display life is 6000 hrs and it has run for 400 hrs already, so panel life left is 5600 hrs.

The Panel Display Time of this set is 194 Hrs that means this set has been used for 194 Hrs. 

* How can I see it ?
You just have to press some buttons on your TV remote to see it. The info has been provided near the end for SAMSUNG.

But the big question why am I telling you all this ?

Because I have recently been cheated by SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS INDIA.
But PANEL DISPLAY time saved my hard earned money.

I will narrate you what happened and how you can save your self from being cheated.

* When you buy a new TV, the dealer delivers it to your home one or two days before installation and makes you sign the delivery receipt, then the engineer comes and installs it.

* But here is the catch :
1) The box in which TV comes has no temper proof seal ( as in case of Samsung Phones ).
You can see there is a seal that reads " don't buy if seal is broken "

In the above images you can see there is no seal on the box + the package tape is also a simple one without the company logo (so that the dealer can open and repack it ) 

2) Since you have already signed the delivery receipt, the dealer can say you may have opened the         TV prior the engineers visit. (and you become help less)

3) The engineer who will come for installation will never talk to you about panel display time.

* So what to do : Coordinate with dealer and engineer so they come at your place at the same time and  that you will sign the delivery only after the TV has been installed by the engineer and the panel display time on it shows 0 hrs.

Now some of you think that we will go and talk to Samsung about this . But I am sorry to say Samsung here follows dual standards. For a Rs 4000  cell phone the company offers a holographic temper proof seal but for a Rs 1 Lac Rs TV Samsung does nothing to ensure that the product has not been used by the dealer in fact it does not even use company logo tape to seal the box.

And when I contacted the sales manager about the issue after refusing 3 deliveries, I got to know what Samsung feels about these used/ on display TVs being sold to customers. The Sales Manager from Samsung India told me:  "Samsung does not manufacture any separate television set for display purpose and these TVs are also meant to be sold to customers (AT the PRICE of a brand new TV!!!)" I was shocked and felt like a fool who was paying 100% price for an old TV.  Is Samsung in need for some charity from consumers, or will they buy my used TV at the cost price again from me??

Just to be sure always inform your dealer in advance that you know what is panel display time, and will only accept delivery after the TV is installed and the panel display time shows 0 hrs.

To see panel display time of Samsung LED TV

  • While the TV is in standby mode:
  • Press the {MUTE}, {1}, {8}, {2} & {POWER} buttons.
  • or
  • Press INFO + Menu + Mute + Power bottons ( one at a time )
  • The TV will turn on with the Service Menu displayed.
  • Service Menu
    Goto SVC
    here you will see Panel Display Time (Ideal value=0Hrs)

    We buy products with our hard earned money and cannot afford to donate it for charity to these corrupt multinationals. Be aware of where your penny is going and don't allow anyone to rob you.


    1. Anonymous2:03 PM

      The display panel time can be reset to zero after factory reset

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Good info, however if the factory reset does it all then how to catch?

      1. That Samsung has to think about. They supply a 2 thousand rupees phone in a tamper proof sealed box, but a 2 lakh rupees TV in a simple packing sealed with a normal tape.

        Any ways, Display Panel time cannot be reset to zero very easily, as one needs to be an expert on this.
        Moreover if Samsung will do it, the firm itself will not be able to keep track of the panel display time. So on what basis then it will ask the customer to replace the panel and charge them.

    3. This is good to see that led advertising display price are the best so far.

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    5. Thanks very useful info. Have anyone checked if the panel display time could be reset with factory reset?