Aug 21, 2013

The new set of utility apps from the house of Nokia

So as everyone of us know that Nokia & it's dreading old Smartphone OS Symbian Use to be market leader but then came a wave of Android that took away almost everything leaving Nokia with it's pool of best developers who are now being criticized for not being user centric & also being criticized as money mongers after they joined hands with Microsoft to power up their beautiful windows phone 8 OS with their ultra modern hardware. Well this is just a glimpse of the story we know about a company that used to known for producing ultra modern phones, actually they still do but only folks know why they are not gaining enough market share. To end that drought of users Nokia is trying hard & here is another attempt by adding few more utility apps to their pool. So here goes the list.

Battery Pro+ 

Battery Pro+ is a really simple app that lets you keep track of the exact remaining battery of your device. Apart from the remaining battery percentage, users also get to see the estimated time left before their phone is need of a recharge, which is calculated based on their past usage. An hour-by-hour analysis of your battery usage is also displayed at the bottom of the screen in the form of a graph. Bluetooth, WiFi and Data connection can be toggled right from within the app, too. 


Level Meter Pro+

This app has two modes: you can measure vertical/horizontal stability from the first screen, while the other one has a three-dimensional crosshair that lets you ensure that a surface is completely flat in all directions. In addition to the visual meter, Level Meter Pro+ also shows you exact angle values for each mode at the top of the screen.

Flashlight Pro+

 WP8 has two kinds of flashlight apps: ones that use the camera LED, and others that just brighten the screen to create an illusion of a torch. Flashlight Pro+ comes with both modes, plus an additional SOS mode. On the second screen, it is even possible to choose the color that you want to fill your screen with. 

Stopwatch Pro+

Stopwatch Pro+, as the name suggests, is a fully functional stopwatch. Another section of the app can be used to initiate a countdown as well, and there are multiple time templates to help you get started quickly.

Find Me Pro+

This app does just one thing, and that is providing users with a quick and hassle-free way of finding their current location’s coordinates, and viewing it on a map.

  Egg Timer Pro+

This app seems to be a bit too specific, but can prove to be useful nonetheless. Egg Timer Pro+ can help users boil eggs to perfection by showing a timer based on the egg’s starting temperature, desired hardness and size.

All of these apps are free but as we know there are no such thing like free lunch so they come with a cost we all know as ads but no one will mind as far as they are solving the purpose & getting to use apps built by Nokia for Windows Phone 8.

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