Aug 24, 2013

Tech Query: Laptop in the range of 55K

Mayank Joshi
Ques. Hi!
i have always been attracted to ultrabooks and ever since my present laptop started having problems , I am thinking of buying an ultrabook.

My budget is 55000 rs and I want an i5 processor with good RAM and a dedicated Graphics Card.
My question is are ultrabooks reliable are the value for money or will it be better to buy a high end normal laptop.
i am not a traveler, my laptop usage is surfing , movies and games.

ANS: Choosing a laptop or to be precise choosing your mean machine has always been tough choice as now there is a large pool to choose from ranging from Windows 8 equipped devices to chrome books that are built serve all your needs regarding work & staying connected to outer world. As per your requirement here goes the list.

So Considering your requirement & aesthetics the Acer Aspire V3-571G will be a perfect choice with i5 2nd generation, 4GB ram, 2GB graphics card & 500GB disk space. As you mentioned that you won't be needing a machine for travel purpose but machines like this are designed to perform every need be it being a work horse or entertainment. The other alternative you can consider is Lenovo ThinkPad T420 but that will miss out on dedicated graphics that you can add by paying around 2K extra bucks. 

For the solution of to choose between a ultrabook or laptop i would recommend reading the previous post on netbooks vs notebooks   as there i clearly mentioned the difference on the aspects of usage & hardware specification.

Hope it will  prove helpful for you for the rest you can ask in comments till then happy computing. 


  1. Can you recommend Ultrabooks having the said features and which are below 55000 and are reliable

  2. Getting to the depth it should be Acer Aspire V5-471P as with a graphics card update it will cost some 48K bucks, other one can be Lenovo Ideapad U310 as it will be under budget with the required configuration. for the other brands i will say they are just enjoying their monopoly in market so don't be lured by those.

  3. Anderson7:15 AM

    If considering the future utilization along with the industry use it is better option to have rugged tablet Android through roamingtech as it work is same as of the laptop with android OS that makes far superior as compared to any one with special working condition in any kind of environment.