Aug 6, 2013

iPad Mini VS New Nexus7 - Which one is the best for you to buy?

The iPad Mini and the Nexus tablet are extremely famous and popular. They are both known for offering customers with top of the line and fast Internet access. The biggest problem people have is not knowing which one is better. There are obvious benefits to using both, especially since the both of these are very useful and fun to use. The real key is to know which one is best to use. In this article, you are going to discover which one is best specifically for your needs.

iPad Mini VS New Nexus7

What is the iPad Mini?

This tablet is simply a small version of the iPad in general. It is known for having almost all the same features, except for a slightly smaller screen. Everything from Facetime, to iSight, to the 10 hour battery life is all available in this wonderful item. It has a 7.9 inch size, and you will find that the best part of this is that it makes it easy to hold into just one hand. This makes it so useful and helpful. Being able to get the benefits from the iPad while also getting to hold it in one hand is very cool. Another big benefit is the ULTRA FAST Internet connectivity in this item. Everything downloading content to streaming videos, it is all very easy to do on the iPad Mini with ipad mini cases.

What is the Nexus7?

This amazing tablet is one of the best among the tablet PCs industry. The truth about using this is that it can be so useful for when you want to actually browse the web with clarity. At just 7 inches, it is very useful and fun to use this. It has more than 2.3 million pixels, giving it top notch quality when you use this. The images you see are going to be much clearer than the ones you see in magazines. It is really powerful to take advantage of this great tablet.

What is better? iPad Mini VS New Nexus7?

In the end, you have to weight out each other's differences and see which ones are going to best suit your lifestyle and needs. While both is for business related purposes, the iPad Mini is more for those who need it for recreational needs. The fun apps and games are what most kids would like. The Nexus7 on the hand is meant for those who are in the other area of the spectrum and need more of a professional tablet. However, regardless of what you will be using this for, you will find that they are both very worth the investment no matter what you may use them for.

Do not forget to buy some tablet covers to ensure that your tablet is not going to break. Fixing it and repairing the damages can cost some extra money for the glass to become clean again. Both are equally great and fun to use. The goal is to choose the right one that fits well and is easy to use based on what you are in need of.

Guest post by Jsheron Janelly

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