Aug 21, 2013

Instagram For Windows Phone Users

So Instagram's Unofficial official client is out for Windows phone 8 users, well the word Instagram still sound like a horror story for the folks working on the development of Windows phone 8 as WP8 used to be rejected by a large chunk of people saying it doesn't have the Instagram so it's of no use, I think now they wont be complaining now.

I know you guys will start complaining that a little ago i said Why Windows Phone Don't need a Instagram, Actually i still do but who minds when you can get a little extra & same is the case with Instagram on Lumia as it will be like icing on the cake as everyone knows no phone manufacturer can offer the picture quality that lumia series is offering right now, above that you got the goodness of Instagrm now.

So here is how the story unfolds, Windows Phone didn't had the official instagrm app so users were complaining like anything, third party apps were getting blocked by the result of a change in Instagram's official API. So then came the Rudy Huyn (Rockstar Developer) to develop the Instagrm's Unofficial App for windows phone but by the consent of Instagrm & a large support too so that next time they change their API users shouldn't take the burn down. Rudy Huyn Worked day & night building the app for over 20 days releasing around 18 beta version's (getting updated daily) to finally submit the app for validation in windows store as 6tagarm.

Users can download & enjoy the app after the validation but with a little change, as Instagram Released in a official statement that no third party app can use it's "Insta" or "gram" in their name so Rudy Huyn changed the name of 6tagram to 6tag. There are speculations that it might be Microsoft backing the rockstar developer who developed the 6tagram but who cares about this as far as they are getting the cherry to enjoy. But what irks me is that if this developer can do this in just 20 days that too creating an version more interactive & beautiful (as per beta user reviews) than the official version of the Instagram then why can't Instagrm develop a official app for windows phone users.

whatever the case is it's finally users who are at the end that is soon going to receive the cherry as soon as Microsoft validates 6tagram as an app in their store, till then wait for your most awaited app.

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