Aug 27, 2013

Canva’s simple tool to make everyone a designer

Well there are always time when we do feel the need of a tool that can fulfill all our design needs without much tension, skills or wasting too much money but here is a toll form Canva  that can do the needful for every person who aspire to be a designer or at least can boast of your needs.

Canva is a new service that aims to democratize the design process by making it easy for anyone to design. The Australia-based company nabbed $3 million in seed funding earlier this year.

The site’s integrated design process puts everything at a user’s fingertips — including professional stock images, fonts, design layouts and other tools — and uses a simple drag and drop process. That’s opposed to existing methods which, require users to do different things on a multitude of platforms, which is inconvenient and fiddly.

Canva also lets users share links with colleagues and friends and edit designs from the site directly, eliminating painful email chains and the difficulties of tracking new versions of designs.

The service has initially rolled out to “selected” users in the US and Australia, but it will expand globally over time. Those interested in the service can reserve a place — and personal URL — by visiting the homepage.

At Canva.

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