Aug 26, 2013

AWS outage brings down Instagram, Vine and other services

So if you were not able to refresh your instagarm timeline last night or were not able to upload videos on Vine then don't worry as you were not the only one who felt robbed by a outage on AWS that caused the arch rivals Instagram & Vine to go down at the same time.

Amazon's unit that runs Web servers for other companies had problems Sunday that coincided with outages or slowdowns on several popular websites.

AirBnB says its site was one of those affected. Other services that were slow or unavailable included Instagram and Twitter's Vine video-sharing application.

Instagram sent a tweet saying it was aware some users were having trouble loading Instagram and that was working on the problem. Vine later sent a similar tweet.

Amazon Web Services provides companies with online storage and computing power. Its website showed several problems resolved on Sunday evening, with a few remaining.

The AWS Status page said “The root cause was a “grey” partial failure with a networking device that caused a portion of the AZ to experience packet loss. The network issue was resolved and most volumes, instances, and API calls returned to normal. The networking device was removed from service and we are performing a forensic investigation to understand how it failed. We are continuing to work on a small number of instances and volumes that require additional maintenance before they return to normal performance.”

It looks like the worst is over for services like Instagram and Vine now, but it may be a while before the services run stably for everyone. If you’re still having troubles with accessing either Vine or Instagram, let us know in the comments section below.

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