Jul 2, 2006

Technology Consulting/Solutions

  • As a business owner have you ever come across with problems that hamper your day to day business activities or slow down your business?  
  • Has technology been ruining your life? 
  • Has your computer or internet connection let you down during the most critical time? 
  • Have you ever wondered how technology can help improve employee productivity?  
  • Do you still have an office that relies on pen and paper for most day to day tasks?  
  • Are your technology maintenance costs reducing your annual profits? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then you have come to the right place.
At TechTantrik we provide solutions for your business so that it can perform better in every possible way.
If you are facing any technology related problems or need any kind of technology enablement for your business at prices lower than the current market rate, then we are the organization you can rely upon.

We offer the Lowest prices in the market!!!

Each and every solution that we provide comes with guaranteed results, else your money back.

Some common problems faced by businesses:
  • Employees visiting non-productive websites like youtube,    porn sites, facebook etc. during office hours leading to less employee utilization and unnecessary internet slowdowns. 
  • Unreliable internet connection  
  • Low call quality or breakage in voice faced by international call centers. 
  • Very slow internet speed on office computers although you have paid for a high speed connection. 
  • Wifi coverage deadzones in your office. 
  • Office Computer problems.
  • For ISPs : The biggest problem faced by ISPs is sending their people on field to fix the internet connections if faults arise. What if you can get a solution that will minimise faults in the network to such an extent that almost no field visits will be required. Imagine how much money you can save with such a reliable internet network! 
All these problems have been very well taken care of by the TechTantrik team in the past with various clients. With TechTantrik you can bid goodbye to all your technology problems.....forever!

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