Jul 29, 2013

Tech Query: is it possible to see or intercept chatting conversation?

john das 



Ques. I want know that is it possible to see or intercept the chatting conversation for anyone which were takes place between two persons using gtalk or yahoo messenger.is it safe to chat online and share something private between two people.is there any preventive measure available to secure the  
conversation from being intercepted. 

Ans. Until and unless you are the government or a very proficient hacker there is no easy way that you can intercept these communications.  
The only easy ways of intercepting these messages are- 
  • By an employee of the chat messenger company. 
  • If somebody else has your password or has guessed your password. 
  • If a keylogger software is installed in your computer without your knowledge. Keylogger is a software extensively used by cybercriminals to steal your passwords, credit card information or your personal private information. This software runs in the background on your computer silently recording the key presses on your keyboard. 

Preventive measures you can take are- 
  • Keeping your computer's operating system up to date. 
  • Do not install freebie softwares that give you free smileys, wallpapers ,themes etc. 
  • Install an antivirus that is regularly updated. Also scan your whole computer at least once a month Techtantrik's recommended antiviruses are- Kaspersky (paid) , avast (free), AVG (free). 
  • Avoid chatting in internet cafe as their computers are mostly infested with keyloggers,  viruses and spying softwares 
By following these tips you can safely do private conversations online...

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