Jul 31, 2013

Tech Query : Asha vs Smartphone behemoths

Divya Narayan


Ques. I currently own a Nokia Asha 305, and I've been using it since last September/October. It serves my purpose completely, and is in perfect working condition. However, observing the rate at which newer models of mobile phones are being introduced in the market, I'm worried that my phone might get outdated sooner rather than later. Therefore, I would like to know your advice regarding upgrading my mobile phone. Should I rely completely on Nokia's software updates? Or, should I go for a brand new mobile phone altogether? If so, which one? My requirements from any mobile phone are - long battery life, durable handset, large external expandable memory, hassle-free internet surfing, and a good quality camera. 

Please note that I don't want to invest in a full-fledged smartphone as of now.

Ans. If your Asha phone has Wifi and 3G then as of now you do not need a pricey smartphone if you are not into high end 3D gaming. Asha series is itself a smartphone but with a bit less speed and less multitasking ability than the flagship phones from Sony,Samsung, apple etc.The Symbian Operating System in some Asha series can perform all intelligent tasks that are done by smartphones. But still android, iOS or  Windows phone offer a much better ease of use and also the variety of apps improves the overall functionality than what Asha series can offer.

If you are looking to buy a 'real' smartphone then at the lower end of the segment the Lumia 520 would be a good choice and at the higher end the best value for money is Google Nexus 4 as of now. 

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