Mar 24, 2013

How to remove blog name from page title In blogger?

Whenever you publish a new post, the title page reads 'name of blog then title of post'.

We all know that for the purposes of search engine optimization, the keywords should appear early in your title.

So how do you stop the blog name appearing in the title of every post.? and also removing your blog name before the title of the post in each and every search engine result?

Mar 23, 2013

Mar 22, 2013

Tech Query: Install Windows 7 alongwith windows 8

Manas Biswas

New Delhi


Ques. I bought a hp G6-2302AX laptop, as it was loaded with Windows8. What I want is want to dual boot it with windows7, is it possible to install win7 it with pre installed win8. First is it possible, if yes then, please tell me, with full detail, how to do it.

Mar 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 has 100 mbps 4G, 8 core processor and a 'full HD' 1080p display!

Leading smartphone maker Samsung Electronics  today announced its much awaited  the Samsung GALAXY S 4, the  fourth generation phone of its flagship device range GALAXY S.

The GALAXY S 4 has the world’s first Full HD Super AMOLED display to showcase images at their very best. Its 5-inch large screen has 441ppi for stunning viewing quality. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 also utilizes Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 3, making it a durable travel companion for all of life’s adventures.

Equipped with a 13 megapixel rear camera, the GALAXY S 4 also boasts a ‘Dual Camera’function that allows simultaneous use of both front and rear cameras. When capturing moments, users can choose from a variety of frame effects which blend the two pictures naturally and also adjust the size of the small picture inside the big one.

Mar 14, 2013

Tech Query: suggest a phone upto Rs.10,000

Ajeet yadav



Ques. i want to buy a smart phone. my budget is 10,000rs suggest me asap...

Tech Query: How to delete application data from ipad and iPhone??

Shubham Gupta



Ques. How to delete application data from ipad and iPhone?? 
My facebook app is 30mb but it shows 200mb and have no option to delete !!!!..the only option left is then to delete the whole app to make room for space in ipad/iPhone ...
Please help!!!

Mar 10, 2013

Tech Query : What are these ports on the router?

I am sending you a photo of my modem (in attachment), please tell me:

1)a. Is the empty port in the photo called the RJ-45 port?

1)b. And if YES, so through this port will a LAN cable be attached to the wi-fi 

2) If YES again, so as per your explanation before, will I have to switch on my 
computer as well, to be able to use the wi-fi router?

OR, may be I can switch on just my modem and the wi-fi router to get the wi-fi 
network, and no need to switch my computer on (it may remain OFF!)?

Please reply,
Saurabh Kesharwani

Mar 3, 2013

Tech Query: Can the DIR 605L work along with Beetel 220BX ADSL2+Modem

Saurabh Kesharwani
Ques. Hi! Shreevats,

Regarding the wi-fi router D-Link DIR 605L (above), I was ordering it on-line right now and it clicked me that I almost forgot to ask you an important point. So I'm stuck again, and need your immediate rescue.

As mentioned in Flipkart's website: WAN and LAN is RJ-45, which means an internet connection direct to p.c. (no voice/ modem). Correct me if this information is wrong.

And I am using Airtel's broadband internet connection via a modem provided by them. This modem is "220BX ADSL2+Modem" from 'Beetel'. Which means my internet line is RJ-11, meaning an internet connection via modem (plus voice telephony). Correct me if this information as well is wrong.

So can the DIR 605L work along with this modem? Or how will it be like?

Please reply, 

Saurabh Kesharwani