Jan 31, 2013

Tech Query: Need a durable laptop with 6 hrs battery life

Aman upadhyay



Ques. I am chemical engg. student.I am looking for laptop below RS.60000.I need min. 6 hrs battery life,640 GB HDD ,4 GB RAM,high music quality.It should be durable(6 yrs).I have selected sony vaio SVE14A25CN(blooming wave white).Is there any better product?Please suggest.

Ans. The Sony laptop you selected will give you a battery life of 6 hrs only when its WiFi and bluetooth are turned off all the time alongwith display set to minimum brightness also with the volume muted. This 6 hour estimation is given in accordance to  JEITA measuring standard practiced by Sony. In a real life scenario when you are surfing the internet or watching movies the battery life would be much less. To have a good battery life of more than 6 hours you need to look into the Ultrabook domain.
Also the durability of ASUS and Lenovo is much better as compared to Sony in the long run. Check out the following models too : Asus S400CA-CA028H Ultrabook and Lenovo Ideapad U410 (59-342779)

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