Jan 24, 2013

Tech Query: my wespro netbook 722 is locked. what is the password of Windows CE?

pankaj lalkiya


Ques. my wespro netbook 722 is locked. what is the password of Windows CE.

Ans. You will need to recover the password using a recovery tool as described in Part B.

Things needed to perform this procedure:
1 Pendrive greater than 1GB in size
1 spare computer (maybe of some friend) 
Internet connection

This procedure consists of three parts A,B and C

Part A: Make a Bootable Pendrive
If you just copy the files of windows in just any pendrive and hope to format your computer, won't work. You will first have to make your pendrive to be bootable by the computer. You can do this by following these steps below:
  1. Plug in the USB pendrive in your(if its working) or your friend's computer
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc in Win7, vista or 8 (together) or Ctrl+Alt+Del on XP to open the Task Manager.
  3. On the upper right corner of the task manager you will see a menu named 'File' . Click on 'File'. Then click on 'Run' or 'Run new task'
  4. Then in the Run dialog box type 'Diskpart.exe' without quotes. Then press enter. Click on 'yes' if you get a user access control prompt.
  5. You will get a black DOS screen with DiskPart written on top. Now wait 2-3 seconds and type the following commands written in italics here and press enter after each stepDo Not Skip any step!
    1. LIST DISK    This will show you all the available storage space on your computer including your pendrive.
    2. Now check the disk no. of your pendrive by checking its size which will be vey less than your hard disk size.You can see in this photo that my 4GB pen-drive is listed here as 'Disk 2' so then type SELECT DISK 2 (replace the number with your pendrive disk no.)
              3. CLEAN
              5. SELECT PARTITION 1
              6. ACTIVE
              7. FORMAT FS=NTFS (Format process may take few seconds)
              8. ASSIGN
              9. EXIT
So now you have successfully made your pendrive bootable.

Part B: Copying password recovery software files to your pendrive.
Part C: Setting your computer's boot order to boot from USB pendrive.(in case the netbook does not boot up automatically from the pen drive)

Now with your pendrive plugged in, just restart your computer. As soon as the computer turns ON its lights again after it shuts down press 'Del' or whatever key your BIOS provides as an option to go into its setup. In the bios setup change your boot order to first boot from a USB disk and then everything else like hard disk, CD ROM etc. Save these settings and now your computer will restart and boot from your USB pen drive. That's it, this is how you can recover your password without using any CD/DVD.

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