Aug 30, 2012

User Query: suggest me a good android phone upto 10-11K.

Mr. Achyut Sharma,

Ques. suggest me a good android phone upto 10-11K.

Ans. If you could stretch your budget a little(1-1.5k) then we would strongly recommend you the Sony Ericsson Live android phone. This phone has the most user satisfaction index according to our market survey.
No phone comes close to this phone in terms of features at this price point. Coupled with a 1Ghz processor this phone is a breeze to use with almost no lag in its user interface like other phones do. This is also the only phone with a 5 star rating on which has been rated by 968 people who have used the phone. The only problem it has is its small screen size of 3.2inch. This is a true value for money phone!

Instead of buying online you can buy the phone from the market to get more discount. Just use your bargaining skills!! If you are looking for other options take a look at these :

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Sony Xperia mini ST15i

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