Aug 12, 2012

Now use multiple Gmail accounts with a single device

Google will let you use multiple accounts without the need to login again and again with different user ids.

The most popular mail service Gmail by Google has added a new feature up its sleeve. It is so critical to peoples day to day tasks that some people now open 2-3 accounts from it like a different business account and a separate personal account, thereby needing to login again and again for accessing the different accounts. Gmail has solved this problem by  introducing a single, multiple account log-in page, which will make multiple sign-ins an easier affair. With the Account Chooser feature users can choose from a list of their accounts. This means that now users will be required to enter their login credentials less frequently.

Users will have to first enable the feature, and tick the 'Stay signed in' checkbox. Whenever a user wants to log in to a particular account, he/she will only need to click on the account in the list. The details included in the list for every account are the user's name, e-mail id, and a profile image, if any. Users can freely add or remove accounts clubbed under this feature. The "Edit account" option at the bottom of the list is used to remove an account. To delete an account, users need to sign out of it. Those who wish to discontinue using this feature can disable it.

You can activate Google account chooser from here

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