Jul 18, 2012

Washington will be the first state to use facebook for voter registration

Washington will become the first state in America to allow voter registration through an app on the social networking site Facebook.

According to state officials, the app, which could be available next week, was a 'natural way' to sign up voters.

They said the Facebook would not collect details other than the voter's name and date of birth, and would not have access to the voter database.According to the BBC, the move comes as several states have introduced or passed laws requiring more evidence to register or vote.

The Facebook app was developed by Microsoft and has been in planning since last year.The app is to appear on the Facebook page of Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed.

According to the report, users must allow Facebook to access their information, which will be used to add their names and date of birth to the oter registration form.After that, users must provide a driving licence or state ID card number to continue.

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