Jul 17, 2012

Here comes the Air cooled pants to cool your sweaty privates!

Now comes the most useful invention of all times, a pair of pants to help keep your bottom half cool in the summer heat which is developed by a Japanese company Kuchofuku .

The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling pants feature two battery-powered fans to direct a refreshing flow of air onto your legs and nether regions. The cooling hardware hangs in dedicated pockets sewn into the outer thigh of the pants and is lightweight enough to not burden the wearer too much.

The pants are made from a 65 percent polyester, 35 percent cotton blend and are available in M, L, 2L and XL sizes, to fit waists from 108 to 129 cm (42.5 to 50.8 inches). Color choices are somewhat limited with only a light khaki green available.

Buy your own pair of Air cooled pants from here

Well Tantrik Baba does not need this because baba already wears a dhoti which is open from below and is very very airy!!

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