Jul 23, 2012

Airtel asks Facebook to pay for the internet its users use

Bharti Airtel is unsatisfied with what it is earning and now wants more money and in this context it has asked several leading companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo to share revenue with telecom operators.

India's largest telecom service provider believes that the telecom regulators should levy interconnection charges for data services; this charge is already levied for voice calls.

Airtel says that traffic from all these sites account for almost 40percent of the total data consumption.A senior official of the company recently told a media publication that these companies are benefiting at the cost of the network operators, since they invest in the infrastructure. He said that setting up the requisite network needs a huge investment and the telecom players have to pay for the spectrum as well.

The official said that it's actually an unfair game, since internet giants like Google and Facebook have to invest just a few billion dollars and reap ten times the benefits as compared to a telecom operator.

(A kind notice from Tantrik baba to Airtel : If it hadn't been for google, your broadband division would never had existed!)

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