Jun 9, 2011

How to hide the blogger navbar

The blogger navbar is the blue coloured bar that appears above your blog. It is a default feature and cannot be removed by the blogger interface. If you want to remove it to give your blog a more professional look follow these simple steps-

  1. Go to blogger.com
  2. In the manage blogs area click on "design" link for your blog.
  3. Now on the tabs on the above left corner of the webpage that opens click on "edit html".
  4. In the edit html web page, press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and you will see a search dialog box that will help you search the word in the webpage.
  5. In that box type ]]> and search for it. The browser will highlight this in the edit template part of the page.
  6. Now just before this add - #navbar-iframe {
       display: none !important;
  7. Thats it you are done . Now click on save template.

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