Apr 8, 2011

Tech Disappointments during the 2011 world cup

The biggest disappointment for me during the world cup was that ESPN could not put up a stable platform for the live streaming of matches on espnstar.com/cwclive. It was marred with a lot of bugs and streaming problems with their servers dying down in times of heavy load during the end of WC.
Many times the video used to stop in between and it never resumed back until the page was refreshed.
Akami technologies were the technical partner of espn and after every 5 minutes their big logo cropped up on screen and blocked the view during the India Pakistan match. You all would be thinking why I was so frustrated with the web streaming when I could have watched the match on tv in HD quality but due to some misfortune of the overcrowded TV room in my hostel I had internet as the only access..and to my dismay it played a spoilsport.
Secondly the world cup was not shot or broadcasted in 3D. Although not many of us in India have 3D TVs and we do have cinema halls that can show 3D but sadly there was nothing. Well videocon did bring in a 3D enabled set top box during this time but it needs to be paired with one of the expensive 3D TVs out of the range of me and most other Indians' pocket. And only with one 3D channel it is utterly useless....
So with ruining my fun of the world cup, ESPN is blacklisted from my favorite things. Now talking about the IPL 2011 , the internet streaming rights have been won by Times Internet Ltd. and the matches would go live on the indiatimes website . Earlier IPL was shown live on YouTube and it worked flawlessly without any bandwidth problems, now lets see what happens with the case for indiatimes.com....will they deliver or not...only time wiil tell.

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