Feb 15, 2011

Creative EP-630 earphones low sound problem-SOLVED.

Overview of the problem-
One of the right or left channel sounds lower than the other. This problem will be faced by most of the regular users of these creative earphones because of ear wax clogging up the mesh above speaker driver which makes it sound low or muffled. Well if u face the above problem then this is the sure shot working solution-
  1. Remove the silicone ear plug from the affected earphone.
  2. Using a sharp and thin object like the flat edge of a small screw driver, pierce the side of the silver coloured mesh.
  3. Now using the principle of a lever, pull out the mesh.(do not pull out the mesh fully.keep a little of its portion still attatched to the side.
  4. Clean and scrape the mesh from the inside.
  5. Now after thoroughly cleaning pull the mesh back to its place and put the silicone plug back.
  6. Even after cleaning, if the earphone still sounds low then remove the mesh completely of the affected earpiece.

The screw driver used to open the mesh.

Poke a slit in the mesh from the side
Open the mesh partly and clean it.
Mesh after my amateur dissection procedure (you can get better results)

That is all, now listen to these awesome earphones in all their glory once again !!!


  1. Gabriel P. A.9:58 PM

    I JUST FUCKIN LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was my 3rd EP630... and all of them had the same problem... i was thinkin i had to buy another one... and it costs like 60 dollars in brazil! hahahhahah THANK U VERY MUCH!

  2. This worked awesome for me. Now I can hear clear great sound through my ear buds. But guys FYI ... you can get the cleaning done without even opening the mesh. Just use any of your old toothbrush to clean the mesh thoroughly. I did it for the other end of the ear bud and I could feel the difference. Thanks tons of thanks to the author. Hi5.

    1. thanx for the great tip....!! :)

  3. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Great tip man, thanks for that

  4. Does this headphone work for mico max canvas HD 4.2.1 is

  5. This will work on any phone with a 3.5 mm audio jack

  6. Anonymous3:04 PM

    thank you a lot... :)

  7. thanks bro. its working

  8. The earphones would than create its own interference noise that would "cancel" out the incoming ambient noise, ensuring that the ambient noise does not enter your ears.