Feb 6, 2011

Bolt 2.3 mobile browser review and comparison with Opera mini 4.2

I recently came across a mobile browser by the name of "BOLT" and eagerly installed it to test it out. Earlier I was using opera mini but bolt has made me shift all my mobile browsing activities on my Nokia 6303 to it because it is way better than opera mini 4 which is really a pain in the a** (mini 3 was way better than 4).

How to Install ?
QR code for browser installation page.
  • The installation was easy, just point your mobile browser(do not use the computer, only use your mobile to download) to http://boltbrowser.com/dnld.html and select the version for your phone which you would like to install (one of the versions will surely work).
  • Open the downloaded file in your mobile and it will install itself.
  • Now if the internet profile settings are right the bolt browser will show its terms and conditions and ask you to accept them. Accept them and then you will be taken to the bolt start page.(In case you get stuck before the terms and conditions, close and restart the installation.)
  • Thats it you are done.
  • If you face any connection issues while browsing with bolt then : goto menu>prefrences>uncheck HTTPS(do it at your own risk.I havn't tested its security issues if any!) .
 First impressions were quite good, I could load any webpage under 20 seconds (and faster than Opera Mini) on my mobile on an EDGE connection in India on Tata Docomo. The best part was that the webpages looked exactly like on a PC would look (which was not that good on opera mini). The web page loading was quite snappy and the best part was that the flash videos on youtube, metacafe were playable in the browser itself.WOW!! and that too without buffering (although your experience might vary depending on your internet connection).

Even on the graphics heavy pages (like oddee.com) where opera mini 5 got stuck , bolt didn't even blink! The page rendering was superb and fast as hell !!

Overall I felt that Bolt 2.3 is a better browser than opera mini 4.2 and even many times faster than opera mobile..which is very slow on edge!!
Bolt start page
  • Best looking web pages on a phone.
  • Fastest page rendering 
  • Full web pages , no small mobile pages.
  • Can play web videos.
  •  Sometimes the pages stop loading in between so I had to turn https off.
  • At times the text fields in web pages could not submit the text.
  • You cannot download to the computer and install, instead you need to directly download from the mobile phone. 
  • Text size is too small to be read on a small mobile screens of less than 3 inches.
You can check out the live demo for Bolt on your computer by clicking here and the opera mini simulator here 

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