Feb 15, 2011

Creative EP-630 earphones low sound problem-SOLVED.

Overview of the problem-
One of the right or left channel sounds lower than the other. This problem will be faced by most of the regular users of these creative earphones because of ear wax clogging up the mesh above speaker driver which makes it sound low or muffled. Well if u face the above problem then this is the sure shot working solution-

Feb 8, 2011

ATI Radeon Xpress 200m not working in windows 7: SOLVED

How to install ATI radeon xpress 200m graphics driver for windows 7?

Overview of the problem
My friend with a BenQ laptop came to me as his laptop with windows XP was facing virus issues and freezing problems. He wanted to format the laptop and again install windows XP. Although his machine only had 1 GB of RAM, still I suggested him to go with windows 7 as it seemed a better alternative in today's age

Feb 6, 2011

Bolt 2.3 mobile browser review and comparison with Opera mini 4.2

I recently came across a mobile browser by the name of "BOLT" and eagerly installed it to test it out. Earlier I was using opera mini but bolt has made me shift all my mobile browsing activities on my Nokia 6303 to it because it is way better than opera mini 4 which is really a pain in the a** (mini 3 was way better than 4).