Jun 30, 2009

MyWay iptv review

The picture quality is at par with DTH

Time shift TV has not been started as of yet

If you are in Delhi and want mtnl's iptv which should work properly then you should yourself check the following things before booking ,-
1.You should be within 2 to 2.5 kms (to be on the safer side) from the local exchange or
2.Your line attenuation should be less than 30 dB.

if your line attenuation is more than thirty and you have taken iptv then you are screwed bcoz the iptv delhi system does not support line attenuation above 30 and you will get ocassional freezing.

They provide a universal remote control


Your TV @ Your Time!
Now you need not wait for your favourite movie to be aired. With MyWay On-Demand service, it is you who decides what you wish to watch and when.

Be it movies, music, games or a cookery show, MyWay allows you to ‘demand’ your desired program/movie with a few clicks of your remote. It’s that simple!

Send your DVD player for a long break, as MyWay Movies-on-Demand is here! Set up your favourite movie at your preferred time. Pause, play or rewind it through the convenience of your MyWay remote.

Choose any of these exciting movies-on-demand:

Movies (Hindi)
Aaghaat Chaliya Hattrick Pukar
Aan Champion Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai Race
Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lage Chingari Jodhaa Akbar Rakht
Aashiq Awara Chokher Bali Josh Ram Balram
Aashirwad Chor Ke Ghar Chor Kanahiya Ram Jaane
Abhimaan Chori Mera Kaam Keemat Sampuena Ramayan
Alibaba 40 chor Chupke Chupke Khosla Ka Ghosla Sardar
Amar Akbar Anthony Deewana Mastana Khuda Gawah Satya Mev Jayte
Anand Deewane Huye Pagal Kis Kis Ki Kismat Shool
Anari Deewangi kisi Se Na Kehna Sikander
Andar Bahar Dhadkan Krodhi Sindbad
Anthony Kaun Hai Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal Ladies Tailor Sparsh
Anubhav Dharamveer Life in a Metro Stumped
Anupama Do Chor Luv Kush Taxi No 9211
Ardh Satya Do Raste Main Tulsi Tere Aangan ki Teesari Kasam
Awara pagal deewana Don Mann Tirupati Balaji
Badshah Dulara Mast Tumsa Nhi Dekha
Baghban Dulhe Raja Maya Memsaab Wednesday
Bahurani Ek Chadar Maili Si Mela Yes Boss
Bal Ganesh Family Mere Huzoor Mumbai Meri Jaan
Bambai Ka Babu Fight Club Mirza Galib Natwar Lal
Bawarchi Gangajal Mughle-e-Aazaam Naya Din Nayi Raat
Benaam Badshah Geet Ghar Sansar Professor
Bichhoo Ghar Ghar ki Kahani Gharana Prince
Movies (English)

The best of music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – That’s the magic of MyWay Radio-On-Demand. Select across a variety of genres and enjoy the music that matches your mood at any time of the day.

* All-time Hits
* International
* Classics
* Ghazals
* Devotional
* Instrumental

Catch some exciting gaming action through your TV set! Select from a wide range of interactive games across genres such as action, puzzles, arcade, etc, and simply use your MyWay remote to play.
* Matchblox
* Free Cell
* Deal With It
* Maze Master
* Double Die
* Picnic Antics
* Puzzled-Swap It
* Tactiles
* Tic-Tac Toe
* Picture Game

The music that you love and in your voice too! MyWay brings you a huge collection of karaoke tracks across various genres. So go ahead, bring out the singer in you and let MyWay bring in the music.
* Bollywood Hits
* Classics
* Devotional
* Ghazal
* Indipop

MyWay brings you the best of infotainment in the form of documentaries from India and abroad. Make your choice from the various categories available such as:
* Desire
* Zoo Babies
* Think Green
* Flying through Time
* Michael Schumacher

Gain knowledge about your health and fitness! MyWay provides you video content on very popular yoga postures and eating habits to improve your health- that too with a few clicks on your remote!

MyWay iptv Pictures:


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Firefox 3.5 finally released today

Mozilla FirefoxImage via Wikipedia

Major update to browser delivers significant performance improvements, privacy enhancements, support for new Web standards, and greater customization options

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. – June 30, 2009 – Mozilla, a public-benefit organization dedicated to promoting choice and innovation on the Internet, today released Firefox® 3.5, a major update to its popular, free and open source Web browser. Coming one year after the launch of the critically acclaimed Firefox 3, Firefox 3.5 introduces cutting-edge features, as well as new support for a wide variety of Web standards.

Firefox 3.5 is the best performing browser Mozilla has ever released and delivers radically improved JavaScript performance, a new Private Browsing mode, native support for open video and audio, and Location Aware Browsing. The newest version of Firefox is more than two times faster than Firefox 3 and ten times faster than Firefox 2 on complex websites. With extensive under-the-hood work to support new technologies, Firefox 3.5 is the most powerful and complete modern browser and helps upgrade the Web experience.

Firefox 3.5 was built through Mozilla’s global, open source development process. The Mozilla community comprises thousands of passionate contributors, including experienced developers, security experts, localization and support communities in more than 60 countries, and tens of thousands of active testers. With more than 300 million active users, Firefox is the only popular Web browser created by a non-profit organization.

“So much is happening on the Web right now, it’s a great time for browsers. Firefox 3.5 brings together the most innovative Web technologies and delivers them in the most complete and powerful modern browser,” said John Lilly, CEO, Mozilla.
What’s New in Firefox 3.5:

Firefox 3.5 makes surfing the Web easier and more enjoyable with exciting new features and platform updates that allow Web developers to create the next generation of Web content. Native support for open video and audio, private browsing, and support for the newest Web technologies will enable richer, more interactive online experiences.

Performance. Firefox 3.5 includes the powerful new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which delivers unprecedented performance with today’s complex Web applications. Firefox 3.5 is more than two times faster than Firefox 3 and ten times faster than Firefox 2.

Open Video and Audio. Enjoy video and audio content from within your browser, without the need for plugins. Video is a vital part of the modern Web, whether it’s used to communicate, educate, or entertain. Firefox 3.5 delivers the first native integration of audio and video directly into the browser. Now everyone can easily watch open format Ogg Theora videos.

Web developers can use these technologies to design pages that interact with video content in new and exciting ways, offering richer interactive experiences beyond controlling playback and volume.

Privacy Controls. Firefox 3.5 includes features designed to protect your privacy online and provide greater control over your personal data.

While using the new Private Browsing mode in Firefox 3.5, nothing you encounter on the Web will be stored from that moment on during your browsing session. Unique to Firefox 3.5, the new Forget this Site feature can remove every trace of a site from your browser. If you want to remove all private data or activity from the past few hours, Clear Recent History, another Firefox-only feature, gives you full control over what stays and what goes.

Location Aware Browsing. Location Aware Browsing saves you time by allowing websites to ask you where you are located. If you choose to share your location with a website, it can use that information to find nearby points of interest and return additional, useful data like maps of your area. It’s all optional – Firefox doesn’t share your location without your permission.
How to get Mozilla Firefox 3.5:

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is available now for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems as a free download from http://www.getfirefox.com. It is also available in more than 70 languages at: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html.

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Pirate Bay sold!!!!

The Pirate Bay logoImage via Wikipedia

Today, Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X AB has announced it has acquired The Pirate Bay website for 60 million SEK, which is roughly the equivalent of $7.8 million USD.

This was almost immediately confirmed by The Pirate Bay. Although the title of their post is entitled “TPB might change owner,” from the text of the post it is obvious that the site has indeed been sold.

Two facts strike the eye: the incredibly small amount for which The Pirate Bay was sold, compared to its huge popularity and worldwide influence, and the fact that the site which has always been perceived as independent and quite controversial, was sold at all. The second fact explains the latter: yes, The Pirate Bay is one of the top 100 visited websites in the world, but it (and its owners) is also encumbered by the recent loss of a very important lawsuit.

The Pirate Bay definitely has a lot of value beyond its controversial core business, the torrent tracker. The team behind it have launched several noteworthy projects, and their words and actions are highly influential, which has recently been proved by Sweden’s Pirate Party’s entrance into the European Parliament, largely indebted to the attention it received after The Pirate Bay’s owners lost the lawsuit.

Normally, one would think that this sale is just some quick scraping for cash while they still have something to sell. The Pirate Bay founders are trying to convince us otherwise. From their blog post:

“The profits from the sale will go into a foundation that is going to help with projects about freedom of speech, freedom of information and the openess of the nets. I hope everybody will help out in that and realize that this is the best option for all. Don’t worry – be happy!”

This might very well be true, but the bigger problem is: what will happen to The Pirate Bay now that it has a new owner? The founders claim “nothing,” but I remain skeptical.

“If the new owners will screw around with the site, nobody will keep using it. That’s the biggest insurance one can have that the site will be run in the way that we all want to. And – you can now not only share files but shares with people. Everybody can indeed be the owner of The Pirate Bay now. That’s awesome and will take the heat of us.“

Compare this to the statement from Global Gaming Factory CEO Hans Pandeya:

“The Pirate Bay is a site that is among the top 100 most visited Internet sites in the world. However, in order to live on, The Pirate Bay requires a new business model, which satisfies the requirements and needs of all parties, content providers, broadband operators, end users, and the judiciary. Content creators and providers need to control their content and get paid for it. File sharers’ need faster downloads and better quality”

It is obvious that this is an end of an era: The Pirate Bay will change; the only question is whether its independent spirit and influence – which were always more important than the torrent tracker itself – will live on, or perish.

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Jun 29, 2009

Jun 27, 2009

Facebook users can make money with ReferQuest app

LONDON - JULY 10:  (FILE PHOTO) In this photo ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Los Angeles, California - June 26, 2009 - ReferQuest.com has created a Facebook application for users of the popular social networking site. Available at http://apps.facebook.com/referquest/, the application allows Facebook users to earn money by promoting rewards offered through the system. Users are also able to offer rewards to others who help them find goods, services, or jobs that they are seeking. The application is in its Alpha stage.

Social networking has become an internet fascination over the last two years, with hundreds of millions of users utilizing just a few of the most popular social-networking websites on any given day. According to Mark Zuckerberg, one of the creators of Facebook, the social-networking website maintains 200 million active users, and nearly half of that user base use Facebook on a daily basis. The ReferQuest application allows Facebook users to monetize their social capital and allows them to use the power of this social hub to get their needs filled by offering their own rewards.

According to Camille Landau, the CEO of ReferMe, Inc., the company behind ReferQuest.com and this Facebook application, users of the Facebook app benefit in multiple ways:

* It allows users to specify the exact amount of money that they are willing to pay for goods or services.
* It allows users to leverage the power of social networking to get their needs met, quickly.
* It gives users the opportunity to make extra money by helping others to get their needs met

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Jun 26, 2009

TATA Docomo commercially launched in Kerala

Image representing Docomo as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase

Kochi, 25 June 2009: TATA DOCOMO, the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, today announced the commercial launch of its operations in Kerala, just a day after it announced its launch in Tamil Nadu. The company‟s Next Gen GSM service started on a heady note, with TTSL Managing Director Anil Sardana making the first phone call from TATA DOCOMO‟s 3G-ready network to Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor. TATA DOCOMO‟s pan-India service rollout will be completed this year, with South Indian Circles going „live‟ soon.
In a message at the launch press conference, Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, said: “The value proposition offered by TATA-DOCOMO is a unique and revolutionary idea which symbolizes the spirit of innovation and inventive genius. This launch is truly a moment of triumph for the consumer. The launch of pay-per-use, per-second concept offered by TATA-DOCOMO will create a paradigm shift in the overall telecom experience for the customer and provide a service that is refreshingly different.”
One Paisa Per Second for All Calls—Local & STD! Per-Second Pulse Announced!
TATA DOCOMO also unleashed a wide array of products and services at the launch, riding on the back of path-breaking innovative products and services, and never-before tariff options. “We had made a promise that we would bring to the country products and services that would redefine the telecom experience,” Mr Anil Sardana said. “It is a privilege to be fulfilling that promise in South India—where subscribers are discerning and seek transparency, innovation and differentiation. Our partnership with NTT DOCOMO will help us provide our subscribers with tremendous technological and service differentiation. Keeping in view the century of
trust associated with the House of Tata, we are launching the concept of fare being fair. From today, TATA DOCOMO subscribers will now be able to enjoy the benefits of ‘pay-as-you-use’, at only one paisa per second for all voice calls across India,” he added.
NTT DOCOMO is acknowledged as the global leader in 3G technology and respected worldwide for its futuristic product innovations.
In a video-address, Mr Toshinari Kunieda, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, Global Business Division, NTT DOCOMO, said: “NTT DOCOMO has provided technical inputs to make the TATA DOCOMO GSM network world-class. Progressively, NTT DOCOMO shall bring to India the various products and services that we offer in Japan and many other countries—such as i-modeTM, Location-based Services (LBS) and mobile payment—and give TATA DOCOMO customers a flavor of tomorrow. TTSL and NTT DOCOMO are closely engaged in integrating technology, value-added services, products and applications through the mechanism of Business and Technology Cooperation Committee (BTCC). This should see TATA DOCOMO change the way India communicates.”
Announcing some very aggressive pricing and customization options, Mr Deepak Gulati, President, TATA DOCOMO, said: “In a market that is cluttered with many operators and throws up confusing options, we will offer simplicity to consumers by being the country‟s most transparent, innovative and liberating telecom brand. The first move on this front—both in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu—is to cut through the clutter and redefine the entire pricing paradigm—from Day One of our launch, we will work on a per-second pricing model for almost everything, be it voice calls, VAS services, IVR interactions. Above all, we promise to always listen to our subscribers.”
The company has earmarked an investment of $2 billion on its pan-India GSM network rollout.
TATA DOCOMO also announced the introduction of the pay-as-you-use advantage for many of its Value-added Services, including all its voice portals, 24-hour music, cricket commentary and voice chat. The Company also announced Free Missed Call Alerts service to all its customers without any charge whatsoever. In addition, VoiceMail on TATA DOCOMO will be totally free for all subscribers with no burden of monthly rentals, no deposits, and no retrieval charges.

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China accuses Google of spreading pornography

google in chinaImage by El Tipo Gráfico via Flickr

BEIJING (AP) China's government accused Google Inc. on Thursday of spreading pornography after Chinese Internet users were temporarily unable to gain access to the U.S. search giant's main Web site or China-based service.

"We have found that the English version of google.com has spread lots of pornographic, lewd and vulgar content, which is in serious violation of Chinese laws and regulations," said foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang.

He said authorities "summoned representatives of Google.com in China and urged them to remove the content immediately.

" Qin, speaking at a regular briefing, did not respond to questions about whether China's government was blocking Web users from seeing Google's site. However, he said he hoped the problem can be "resolved immediately.

" Google said Thursday it was investigating the reason for the outage, which began late Wednesday. Chinese users were blocked from seeing Google's U.S. site, its China-based site google.

cn and its Gmail e-mail service. A Chinese watchdog agency accused Google last week of providing links to vulgar and obscene sites.

Google, based in Mountainview, California, said it would do more to stop users in China from accessing pornography. "I would like to stress that Google.

com, as an Internet enterprise providing services in China, should earnestly abide by all Chinese laws," Qin said. "All the punitive measures adopted by the relevant authorities are conducted strictly according to law.

" The Chinese agency that oversees the Internet, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. China has the world's largest population of Internet users at more than 298 million.

The communist government has the world's most extensive Web monitoring and filtering system, and it regularly blocks access to foreign Web sites. Authorities launched a crackdown this year that led to the closing of more than 1,900 porn-related Web sites.

Google has struggled to expand in China, where it says it has about 30 percent of the search market. The company launched Google.

cn with a Chinese partner after seeing its market share erode as government filters slowed access to its U.S. service

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N97 priced at Rs.36,119 in India

N97 Running SkypeImage by Irish Typepad via Flickr

Nokia's recently launched flagship N-Series touchscreen device, the N97 will retail in India at a price of Rs. 36,119. The phone was, until recently, available through pre-order and it is only now that Nokia has revealed the exact retail pricing of the device. The pricing of the device puts it in the league of the iPhone 3G and the likes. However, it remains to be seen if the demand for the phone sees a dip, now that the actual pricing has been revealed.
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Nokia N86 launched in India

N86 8MP with the bottom slide openImage by RafeB via Flickr

The N86 will compete with the the likes of the Samsung Innov8 and the Sony Ericsson C905 in the battle for the 8MP crown. The Innov8 from Samsung incidentally also sports the Series 60 Third Edition Interface, same as the N86. For more dope on the N86, you might want to read our previous piece on the same, describing the device when it was launched internationally in the first week of June. The phone comes with 8GB of memory and can be expanded to 16GB with the help of a compatible Micro SD card. The highlight of the device is the fact that it sports an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens - Nokia's first salvo at the 8MP segment.

The phone offers a 3.9 hour talktime with 3G and 6.3 hours whilst on a GSM network. It also features a large 2.6-inch QVGA AM OLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen.

The Nokia N86 has been priced at Rs. 27,359 in India and will be soon available at a dealer near you!

The N86 will compete with the the likes of the Samsung Innov8 and the Sony Ericsson C905 in the battle for the 8MP crown. The Innov8 from Samsung incidentally also sports the Series 60 Third Edition Interface, same as the N86. For more dope on the N86, you might want to read our previous piece on the same, describing the device when it was launched internationally in the first week of June. The phone comes with 8GB of memory and can be expanded to 16GB with the help of a compatible Micro SD card. The highlight of the device is the fact that it sports an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens - Nokia's first salvo at the 8MP segment.

The phone offers a 3.9 hour talktime with 3G and 6.3 hours whilst on a GSM network. It also features a large 2.6-inch QVGA AM OLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen.

The Nokia N86 has been priced at Rs. 27,359 in India and will be soon available at a dealer near you!

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Jun 25, 2009

HP Blends Functionality, Durability and Style with New HP Mini PC

hp-mini-5101-pr-4sbImage by tuexperto_com via Flickr

PALO ALTO, Calif., HP today unveiled its top-of-the-line Mini PC for on-the-go professionals who demand a stylish, yet durable fully functional companion PC.

The HP Mini 5101 features a sturdy, lightweight anodized aluminum display enclosure with a black, brushed finish. Complementing the aluminum is the use of magnesium alloy in the lower case of the Mini frame. Soft-touch paint on the base and palm rest further advance the PC’s look and feel. This combination of materials, an industry first in the netbook category, not only delivers an eye-catching design, but also improves durability.

Furthering the stylish look of the HP Mini 5101 is a newly designed, spill-resistant keyboard that is 95 percent of a full-size QWERTY keyboard. It features a visually open and spacious keyboard design with keys raised from the surface. HP DuraKeys, a clear coating over the keys, makes the keyboard 50 times more resistant to visible wear than keyboards without it.(1) In addition, the mouse buttons are located in the traditional space below the touchpad, making for a familiar user experience.

“HP Mini PCs have no equal when it comes to industrial design, use of innovative materials and overall feature sets,” said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Notebook Global Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP. “The HP Mini 5101 is truly a work of art, a sophisticated companion PC crafted for the trend-savvy mobile professional who needs functionally, durability and style.”

Starting at 2.6 pounds,(2) the fully functional and durable HP Mini 5101 is an ideal companion PC for the on-the-go professional. It features a large 10.1-inch diagonal LED display available in either WSVGA or high-definition (HD)(3) resolutions. Customers can also choose either the four-cell battery for lighter weight or six-cell battery for longer battery life. When configured with the optional six-cell battery, the HP Mini 5101 delivers up to eight hours of battery runtime.(4)

Mobile professionals can stay ultra-productive with the HP Mini 5101 PC’s small, low-power Intel® Atom processor, which enables the unit to run cooler, use less power and improve battery life. A fast-performing 7,200 RPM hard drive comes standard with the unit. Alternatively, an optional Solid State Drive (SSD) is available in either 80 or 128 gigabytes.

An optional, integrated Gobi-powered HP Mobile Broadband module allows users to conveniently access the Internet, corporate intranet, email and other critical information around the world.(5) Other wireless technologies include integrated Wi-Fi Certified WLAN(6) and optional Bluetooth® 2.0. An integrated 2-megapixel webcam allows for easy still-image capture, web-conferencing or video-enhanced instant messaging(7) with no additional hardware.

HP QuickSync software, planned to be available as a web download in September, allows quick synchronization of the HP Mini with notebooks or desktops so users can avoid maintaining multiple documents, media files and email. Information also can sync to portable storage devices.

The versatility of the HP Mini 5101 can change how students learn and is the practical answer to providing each student continuous access to a PC in one-to-one computing. Its suite of wireless, (6) multimedia and security capabilities allows students to learn wherever they have Wi-Fi access – from the classroom, to the library, to their homes.

The HP Mini 5101 is built to last, featuring HP 3D DriveGuard, which offers a three-axis digital accelerometer chip that sends a signal to shut down the hard drive upon sudden movement or shock. The HP Panel Protection System includes a scratch-resistant acrylic LCD cover and magnesium hinge bracket for added durability in demanding environments.

The HP Mini 5101 has been engineered for reduced impact on the environment by eliminating or reducing substances of concern, using fewer resources and reducing energy consumption. Configurations of the HP Mini 5101 are ENERGY STAR qualified and are identified as HP Mini 5101 ENERGY STAR on HP websites and on www.energystar.gov. In addition the Mini 5101 is EPEAT Gold registered in the United States.(7)

New accessories designed for use with the HP Mini include a USB 2.0 port replicator that adds a variety of audio, networking and USB ports to allow greater productivity. A lightweight, functional messenger bag designed specifically for the HP Mini or a neoprene slip case offer added protection for professionals while on the go. Other accessories available for the HP Mini include a USB 2.0 docking station, external optical drive and USB-powered external speakers.

More information on HP Mini 5101 product specifications, images and other HP mobility solutions is available in an online press kit at www.hp.com/personal.

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BT and Tata Communications sign global strategic voice services agreement

BT Group plcImage via Wikipedia

BT Group and Tata Communications Ltd. have signed a major voice services agreement that will allow two of the world’s largest providers of voice and IP services to mutually benefit from shared resources as part of a global supply arrangement.

Through the five-year agreement, Tata Communications will become BT’s primary supplier of International Direct Dial (IDD) and other voice termination services outside BT’s own footprint countries and BT will become Tata Communication’s main distribution channel for its IDD traffic into the UK, expanding into other markets across Europe as the relationship matures.

By providing each party with access to additional capacity and flexibility, the relationship will allow BT and Tata Communications to benefit from each others’ strengths as they develop and grow their businesses in their respective markets.

Brian Fitzpatrick, MD of BT Wholesale Markets, said: “Tata Communications is a leader in the international wholesale voice business, making them a perfect partner to help us achieve additional economies of scale to those of our own. We look forward to maximising the opportunities this relationship presents to both organisations as we expand our portfolio of wholesale products and services and ultimately strive to become even more competitive with our pricing.”

Michel Guyot, President of Global Voice Solutions, Tata Communications, said: “We are proud to become BT’s primary supplier of international voice termination services. The agreement will increase both partners’ competitiveness and will enhance our respective service offerings. We are also very excited to have BT as our main distribution channel in the UK as we are confident that BT’s resources and strong knowledge of the European market will be of great benefit to Tata Communications.”

The relationship will allow BT and Tata Communications to benefit from their respective extensive global networks and advantageous cost structures. BT will also have access to Tata Communications’ world-class routing capabilities and on-line management systems providing greater economies of scale that will improve BT’s competitiveness in the international calls market.

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Windows 7 pricing unvieled

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBase

Microsoft will not be offering an upgrade version of Windows 7 in Europe.

In the past Microsoft has given people already using Windows a chance to upgrade to a new version when it becomes available.

While that option will be offered in the US, Microsoft said its efforts to comply with competition regulations meant it could not do so in Europe.

European regulators dismissed the claim, saying the move limited choices rather than opening them up.

No choice

Windows 7 is due to go on sale on 22 October around the world.

Anyone outside Europe buying a new PC between now and then - running Windows Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate - will get the chance to upgrade the operating system on it, at no cost, to Windows 7.

While Microsoft will not charge for the upgrade, some PC makers may impose a fee to ship disks with Windows 7 on them to customers.

The worldwide upgrade option programme is due to begin on 26 June.

Microsoft says it's giving European users that full version for the same price that it would normally charge for an upgrade
Rory Cellan-Jones
BBC's technology correspondent

Read Rory's thoughts in full

Those who want to upgrade to Windows 7 on a older PC will pay a reduced price for the software. Stand alone versions of Windows 7, that can run on more than one PC, will also be available.

Microsoft said these upgrade options will not be available to Europeans.

"We will not be able to offer an upgrade product within Europe," said John Curran, Windows business lead at Microsoft UK, adding that only the full version of the software will be available to Europeans.

Microsoft will make an upgrade offer to buyers of new PCs but will send them a full version of the software rather than an upgrade version.

In Europe, the full version will be priced as if it were an upgrade version.

In the UK, the Home Premium edition of Windows 7 will be £79.99. Ordinarily, an upgrade version would only be available to those with an existing Windows licence. However, as all European versions are full versions this distinction will not apply.

Home Premium - £79.99
Professional - £189.99
Ultimate - £199.99

By contrast buying this edition in a shop will cost £149.99.

The upgrade option was not available, Microsoft said, because it was trying to comply with European competition regulations.

Microsoft has said that Windows 7 will be offered in Europe without the Internet Explorer browser on board.

A Commission spokesman dismissed Microsoft's claim that it was taking the action to comply with European laws.

Home Premium - £149.99
Professional - £219.99
Ultimate - £229.99

"The essential point of our case is consumer choice," said the spokesman.

"We would want to look extremely closely at the terms under which Microsoft is making Internet Explorer available to computer manufacturers," he said.

"If the effect of the technical separation of Windows and Internet Explorer is neutralised by particular terms and conditions they offer to manufacturers to install Internet Explorer, they're no better off."

The preferred remedy for Europe, he said, was to offer users a screen when they first switch on Windows 7 that gives them a choice between IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

"For them to claim that this is somehow imposed by the Commission or is going to resolve the problem with the Commission is far from clear," he said.

"It's certainly not because we've asked them to do it."
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Five things missing from the iPhone 3GS

Now in its third generation, the iPhone handset has made improvements with each successive model. This year, though, the improvements are less about what you see and more about what’s packed under the chassis—and what’s available in the iPhone OS 3.0 software update (accessible to current iPhone owners and on new iPhone 3GS units).

That’s not to say that the iPhone 3GS isn’t good. In fact, this new model is among the best handsets on the market today. Still, the 3GS’s combination of hardware and software continues to miss the mark in a few critical areas, and these deficiencies prevent the iPhone from leaping far ahead the competition.

1. Mass Storage Connectivity
Why can’t I connect an iPhone to my PC and then drag and drop files onto it? Apple says that it has considered introducing a disk mode, of the type found on all iPods, but feels that the iPhone’s audience doesn’t require one. I disagree. Early adopters and the enterprise workers that Apple is targeting (now that iPhone 3GS has hardware encryption and other enterprise-friendly features) would greatly appreciate direct-to-device file transfers. Plus, the capability would simplify transferring photos and other relevant data files (such as Excel spreadsheets and PDF files) to the device. The latter feature is especially important as the iPhone grows ever closer to converging with netbooks (a couple of office productivity apps are already available for the iPhone). Right now, to read a Word or Excel file or a PDF, you’ll need to e-mail it to yourself, and read it from within your e-mail. (Some files are supported over Google Docs, as well.)

I recognize that Apple hopes we’ll all subscribe to its $99-a-year MobileMe service, and give its cloud iDisk storage a try. But that isn’t going to happen across the iPhone’s mainstream market, nor is it going to happen with the tech-savvy audience. The sooner Apple realizes this, the better.

With the iPhone 3G S available in capacities up to 32GB, it makes more sense than ever for Apple to allow users to transfer raw data to the device. In some cases, users may want to access the data from the device; in others, they may want to use the storage to move files from PC to PC (why carry a tiny, easily misplaced USB flash drive for your important work files, when you can store files on your phone, which is less likely to disappear—or go through the washer).

2. Broader Data Handling
Why is there no way to save text messages on an iPhone? (At least with the 3GS you can copy and paste a message into a note or e-mail message; but that’s not the same as being able to archive an entire thread or to e-mail all or part of a thread to yourself.) And what’s with the antiquated Notes app, which limits you to exporting a Note by e-mailing it to yourself? That restriction is ridiculous at this stage of the iPhone’s development. A simple yet substantial improvement would be to make such notes appear as text files that users could open in Windows Explorer. Better still: Give iPhone users direct access to the files, and back up the files within iTunes (currently, you can sync Notes into Outlook and nothing else).

3. iTunes Reconstructed for Data Management
Apple’s iTunes began life eight years ago as a music jukebox that interfaced with the first iPods and later with the iTunes Music Store. Fast-forward to 2009, when iTunes has gone far beyond its original purpose.

At this point, working with iTunes’ tabbed data management interface is akin to using Windows 3.1’s File Manager in a Mac OS X Snow Leopard environment. ITunes’ cluttered interface contradicts Apple’s minimalist design aesthetics, and the menus for syncing Info, Ringtones, Music, Photos, Podcasts, Video, and Applications are a text-and-check-box travesty.

iTunes is long overdue for an overhaul, given the multifaceted functionality of the iPhone (and of the iPod touch, for that matter). Why can’t I drag-and-drop into iTunes? Why can’t I import specific photos into iTunes? Or view applications by their icons, instead of having to resort to a text name that I might not even recall? How about making it easier for me to import self-generated video—from within the tabbed syncing interface?

If Apple were to shake up and reshape iTunes with an eye toward simplicity, it could also make the service far more powerful and compelling. And that, in turn, would make the iPhone platform even more attractive than it is today.

4. Improved Integration With the Web
The iPhone’s hooks into calendars feel fairly archaic. Calendar syncing is limited to Outlook and CalDAV; but if Palm’s WebOS and its Pre smartphone can extend this process seamlessly across multiple calendars, why can’t Apple and the iPhone do so in Gen 3? Granted, with an iPhone you can sync contacts with Outlook, Yahoo Address Book, Google Contacts, and Windows; but why can’t you access those contact lists directly from the iPhone’s Contacts app to begin with? Stronger ties with existing, established Web services would help make the iPhone a more Web-centric communications handset.

5. A Better Camera—Really
Yes, Apple has bumped the camera in the iPhone 3GS up to 3 megapixels and added tap response to focus/expose and macro functionality. But the camera needs more work to improve its standing in today’s vigorous camera phone competition.

Let’s start with the megapixel count. The iPhone 3GS’s 3 megapixels feels almost entry-level in comparison to the offerings of today’s high-flying phones. Such models as the Nokia N97 have already reached 5 megapixels, and higher megapixels are appearing with greater frequency on pricey camera phones. Bump up the megapixels and the image quality, Apple, and you bump up the device’s functionality—and its ability to fill in for a point-and-shoot camera for casual snapshots.

Also high on my list: Allow one of the existing buttons (the volume control or the home button) to act as the shutter. I find I can’t steady the camera adequately when I have to push on the screen to snap the shutter. A physical button would solve that problem—and make the phone’s camera much easier to use one-handed. For example when you’re snapping a picture of yourself and a friend at a party, with the phone’s screen facing away from you, pushing a physical button is a lot easier than finding and pressing a virtual button on the display.

Software image stabilization would be another great feature, as would better light-sensitivity capabilities and an LED flash (another increasingly common feature on camera phones). Include the ability to shoot multiple frames rapid-fire, and suddenly the iPhone 3G S’s camera could be a very powerful tool.

iPhone 3G vs 3GS : speed


UTV New Media Ltd., the digital arm of UTV, today announced the launch of India’s first exclusive music video channel on mobile TV.
The channel name is UTV@play, it will provide the Indian music and videos, apart from the regular Bollywood fare and showcases songs from all genres: film, folk, classics, pop and devotional with just the click of a button.

It offers a vast catalogue of music videos not only from Bollywood but also from different languages. It even has an exceptional collection of international songs from popular artists like Bryan Adams, Akon, PussyCat Dolls, Metallica to name a few. With all this and more, UTV New Media Ltd., which pioneers in the mobile content segment, is all set to add scintillating stars to its flap.

‘UTV@Play’ is available on BSNL, MTNL(Delhi) Idea and Vodafone.

The users can access it in two ways. They can send a simple SMS. In response to the message, the WAP link is sent to the user, to download the app. They can also directly download the app from the operators’ WAP portals.

– IDEA – SMS “IDEATV to 55456” or WAP download (IDEA portal)

– BSNL – SMS “MYTV to 55447”

– MTNL (Delhi) – SMS “SUB to 53388”

– Vodafone – SMS “VODAFONETV to 111” WAP download (Vodafone Live)

This facility is now available to the users at an subscription of Rs. 10 per day or at Rs. 30 for the entire month.

In case of fire : Do not use Twitter

New Interactive Website Launches to Expose Scams

Site Allows Members to Expose and Fight Wrongdoers in Their Own Words, Photos and Videos

PALM DESERT, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- A free access social network service, privately owned, SCAMRAIDERS.COM (Scamraiders), a Division of Jabberwabble Corporation, allows registered users to send their own and read other users' postings, updates, photos, blogs and videos relating to "scams" and any form of abusive conduct. Scamraiders allows users to post and interact in whatever "scam" category they select as their specific points of interest. The Site will also provide updated and relevant case histories, noteworthy current news items, and other services and offerings, available to its registered users, as well as Scamraiders' staff interaction with its participants. The theory being: "in unity there is strength and power." Scamraiders.com is a privately funded start-up, with offices in Palm Desert, CA.

The concept and idea came from Jim Couri. Through his life-lessons, Jim has both observed and been a target of corruption, scams, and swindles, having been personally confronted for over fifty years with scoundrels in business and courts who take advantage of the unwitting and trusting public, and get away with it. Jim conducted extensive research for more than two years on his idea of a website to help others and to publicly expose wrongdoers. He decided to create this service as platform for users who want and need to air out their common and uncommon problems, and as an arena of redress towards those who do not follow the law, rules, and/or our Constitution.

Jim believes that people who have been wronged (scammed, swindled, and abused) are eager to vent and expose in this type of forum their plight and to connect with others who are victims of like problems: "A new voice for the voiceless" and "How can we help you?" These are the Scamraiders mission premises.

The Site user responds by telling their story (personal plights) in their own words, and has the opportunity to learn from others in their same category by active interactions. This unique Site provides many applications and opportunities. Our primary focus is to create a great and much needed service for the millions of people who have been and continue to be taken advantage of, and who have no outlet, or who have limited resources to secure redress and help. We hope to build this concept of Scamraiders into a highly useful and successful interactive website, attracting users from all walks of life, who want to put a stop to and reveal the scams, abuses and swindles that proliferate daily, while building interactions with registered users who have likewise experienced the unethical acts of others.

Therefore, Scamraiders.com allows its users to express their grievances, connect, and share with other people who have been subject to and victimized by any form of corruption, thus unmasking the corrupt, swindlers and abusers of the public trust.

Jim Couri has also recently been interviewed on the Emmy award-winning news program "Full Disclosure," with host Leslie Dutton.

Gartner Says Emerging Markets Could Become Dumping Grounds for Secondary PCs

By 2012, Emerging Countries Will Need to Dispose of 30 Million Secondary PCs Annually

STAMFORD, Conn. — Demand for secondary PCs will outstrip supply for years to come, but reuse does not necessarily mean "greener" IT because growing exports for reuse or recycling are leading to increasing e-waste in emerging markets, according to Gartner, Inc.

"Although reuse must be considered preferable to most other forms of waste management, without effective controls, exports for reuse can be an excuse for dumping, and even in the best case result in ’passing the toxic buck’ to emerging economies, which are seldom equipped to deal with this problem in an environmentally and socially responsible way" said Meike Escherich, principal research analyst at Gartner.

In 2008, 37 million secondary PCs were refurbished and exported to emerging markets, and Gartner predicts that this number will rise to 69 million by 2012. A secondary PC is one that is repurposed after its primary use (as a new PC) has ended. Secondary PCs must have been used in the installed base for more than 120 days to be considered secondary use.

Gartner found that the demand for secondary PCs has increased as the global recession has tightened its grip. As product life cycles lengthen, demand for secondhand PCs is outstripping supply. Even when the markets recover, shortages of used PCs will continue as large volumes, especially of notebooks, will be too old to have a useful second life span.

These secondary PCs will eventually need to be disposed of. In 2007, nearly 68 million secondary PCs had to be discarded worldwide. In emerging countries, approximately 15 million secondary PCs had to be discarded in 2007. Gartner estimates that by 2012, emerging countries will need to dispose of a total of 30 million secondary PCs annually.

"Without action, OEMs will find that an increasing number of their PCs will either end up in landfills or find their way into illegal or badly set up private ’workshops’ for dismantling" Ms. Escherich said. "Neither will be advantageous for a vendor’s ’green’ credentials"

A thriving international trade has emerged for used PCs, largely from mature to developing countries. Exporting brings important benefits, contributing significantly to the operations of schools, small businesses and government agencies. Furthermore, extending the life cycle of PCs prevents substantial environmental damage. Gartner believes that the manufacturing phase accounts for up to 70 percent of the natural resources used in the life cycle of a computer, and extending the lifetime via second use provides an important environmental service.

Although some exported used PCs are handled responsibly in demand countries with effective regulatory regimes and by companies with advanced technologies, many end up in developing countries where they are frequently handled and disposed of unsafely. Emerging economies often lack the capacity to safely handle and dispose of used PCs, and extremely low labor costs and lack of environmental controls make unsafe recycling commonplace.

"Although repair and reuse are worthy goals, without efficient enforcement of worldwide legislation and controls, they are simply loopholes allowing for ’greenwash,’" said Charles Smulders, managing vice president at Gartner. "The fact remains that every single one of these PCs must be disposed of sometime, somewhere and somehow"

Until a universal enforcement mechanism is developed and effectively implemented, consumers and businesses aiming to be environmentally responsible with their used PCs should be skeptical of companies that claim to responsibly recycle these devices.

Ms. Escherich advised PC vendors to seriously consider adopting the same standards globally that they are legally bound to adhere to in stringently regulated regions, such as Europe and Japan. "After all, nothing exposes ’greenwash’ more dramatically than an A-branded PC found dumped in a developing country in Asia or Africa" she said.

Unlock iPhone 3gs; the Nation’s Aim following AT&T Activation Delays

Consumer frustrations at iPhone 3gs’ AT&T network exclusivity heighten, as 48 hour activation delays emerge

San Diego, California – June 22nd 2009: Apple iPhone 3gs customer’s hopes were dashed as activation delays of up to two days emerged following the June 19th release date. The problem has occurred between exclusive iPhone service provider AT&T and Apple Inc., meaning consumers are more frustrated than ever with the lack of network flexibility and are looking for ways to unlock 3g iPhone handsets.

Even prior to the activation delays that have been deemed unacceptable, customers had been keen for Apple to relax their network exclusivity. Unfortunately this never happened and the only way to use one of the Apple Inc. cell phones with networks other than AT&T is to unlock iPhone 3gs handsets. This is done using software, downloadable from websites such as that of San Diego based company ’iPhone Unlocking Solutions’.

“If you don’t have access to AT&T or you live in a country where AT&T is not available then you have no way of using the iPhone” says Michael Cera, CEO of iPhone Unlocking Solutions, “Now with the iPhone 3gs it seems even customers who can use AT&T in normal circumstances are finding the service unreliable. This is exactly why we’ve developed our software; to allow customers to unlock iPhone 3gs handsets for use with any cell phone service"

iPhone Unlocking Solutions launched as a company four years ago in 2005. Since then they have been able to unlock iPhone 3.0 handsets for over 1 million customers; a number that has continued to rise throughout 2009. CEO Michael Cera is reportedly keen to continue upgrading the iPhone unlocking software for subsequent iPhone releases, so that customers have lifetime access to the latest downloads.

2009’s iPhone 3gs release has not gone without problems as many customers are experiencing AT&T connection delays of up to two days. As a result software company iPhone Unlocking Solutions are seeing an increase in downloads as customers are discovering their method to unlock 3g iPhone handsets in less than one hour.

Launch Mac One Stop Shop The Newest Mac community

The market has been crying out for an independent Apple Mac One Stop Online shop for years and at last has filled the gap in the market. The new web site offers a virtual online paradise for Mac users and Mac customers. It offers a very informative Blog and a dynamic interactive online forum. Mac users can post questions and offer solutions to other Mac users.

The web site is not due for its official launch until mid July 2009 but it’s already attracted the attention of mac users around the world. Word is spreading fast about the fantastic Apple Mac products available at the lowest prices online.

Because the www.maconestopshop.co.uk (MOSS)is completely independent of Apple Mac, they offer massive savings on non Apple Mac accessories which are fully compatible with Apple Mac computers, iPhones and iPods. The web site currently lists 350 Mac related products, and by the end of 2009 the web site will house approximately 2,000 plus Mac products and services. Mac products and services will be added at the request of Mac customers.

In-depth research was conducted prior to the development of this niche market e-commerce web site. The company engaged various IT and Mac consultants and experts to identify precisely what Mac Users would want from their very own one stop shop. The end result is a state of the art dynamic web site which is easy to navigate and simple to buy from.

Check out Moss for special offers, discounts and periodical free delivery service. This web site has already attracted the attention of some of Europe’s leading Apple Mac distributors who are falling over each other to list their products on the site. A number of the top Mac distributors are already lavishing compliments on the new www.maconestopshop.co.uk web site.

There is a commonly held misconception by non Apple enthusiasts that Apple Mac offer form over function, add to this the real fact that Apple are normally more expensive, then its not such a huge intellectual leap to see why sales of Apple Macs, iMacs, Macbooks and Macbook Pros whilst improving, are still trailing way behind PC sales.

Moss aim to address this issue and help to reverse the trend by offering top quality Mac products at fiercely competitive prices. This is obviously fantastic news for Mac customers.

As our MOSS community develops we will offer reviews, recommendations on not only Apple products, but also on generic alternatives at massive savings. Apple do a great job with the design of their equipment and for some this will always be at the forefront of their purchasing decision, others will jump at the chance to get the Apple experience on a budget

iPhone App Developers to Generate More Revenue Thanks to Greystripe’s Guaranteed CPM iPhone Advertising Program

Greystripe’s new CPM Protection Program promises to beat any ad networks’ eCPM by at least 25%

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – June 24, 2009 - Greystripe, the leading rich media advertising platform for mobile, is offering a new CPM Protection Program to guarantee iPhone application publishers the revenue they deserve for their high quality applications. With several mobile ad networks undercutting each other’s CPM to compete for advertising dollars, iPhone app publishers are often left without proper compensation. But Greystripe’s new program promises publishers the highest CPM in the industry. Greystripe is able to command these higher rates because of their one of a kind rich media ad formats, including the only Flash ad format available on the iPhone.

The new CPM Protection Program offers to beat other ad networks’ eCPM by at least 25% for 60 days. Publishers simply sign up at http://www.octanetech.com/greystripe_cpm.htm and register by emailing publisher@greystripe.com. All publishers with existing applications with other ad networks are encouraged to participate.

“Our new program reinforces our commitment to establishing a sustainable CPM that promotes the free app ecosystem,” said Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe. “We’re inviting all developers to try out our network and see the results first-hand.”

“We’ve tried many ad networks, and Greystripe has simply performed the best,” said Dave Yonamine, VP of Marketing, Mobilityware. “Most importantly, Greystripe delivered the best overall eCPM. They also have a great team; their responsiveness makes it easy to work with them.”

Jun 24, 2009

Summer time electricity saving tips

Following these suggestions can help save up to 15 percent on home cooling costs.

  1. Keep thermostats at a constant, comfortable level (75 to 78 degrees) when at home. Lowering the thermostat setting below the desired temperature will not cool the home faster.
  2. To reduce heat and moisture during the warmest part of the day, run appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers in the early morning or evening hours when it's generally cooler outside. Also, use a microwave to cook, or barbecue outside, if possible.
  3. Keep shades, blinds and curtains closed. About 40 percent of unwanted heat comes through windows. Simply drawing blinds and curtains, which act as a layer of insulation, can reduce heat gain to your home. Awnings are even better, and can reduce heat gain by up to 75 percent. Window coatings and window film can reflect as much as 80 percent of direct rays from the sun.
  4. Turn off all unnecessary lighting and appliances, which add heat to the home.
  5. Keep doors to the outside, garage or attic firmly closed to keep cool air in and hot air out.
  6. Use fans to evenly distribute cool air and reduce the air conditioner's "on" time.
  7. Place window air conditioners on the north or shady side of the house to avoid overworking the unit in the hot daytime sun.
  8. When shopping for appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, look for the ENERGY STAR label, and purchase the most affordable energy-efficient unit. Newer more energy-efficient models lower monthly operating costs.

Airtel launches Android powered HTC Magic in India

Bharti Airtel, Asia's leading integrated telecom services provider, and HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today announced the launch of India’s First Android™-powered mobile phone – The HTC Magic.

Airtel has been a frontrunner in bringing innovative and cutting edge technology to its customers. The Android™ powered HTC Magic opens new arena for customers and the developer community to interact in order to bring new applications to Android-based phones. The introduction of the Android™ platform in India is a step in this direction where innovation, development and deployment of mobile applications are encouraged in an ‘open ecosystem’. The Android™ platform not only gives Airtel a faster go to market capability but also helps to provide more rich & varied service offerings for all Airtel users while creating commercial viability for small developers/entrepreneurs.

"Airtel has been at the forefront of innovation and customer delight in the Indian telecom sector. Being the first to bring the Android™ powered HTC Magic to India further underscores our commitment to enrich the communication experience of all Airtel users." said, Raghunath Mandava, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel. Added, “The HTC Magic presents a powerful mobile internet and multimedia experience that should drive the uptake of accessing the internet over mobile amongst Airtel users.”

HTC Magic opens up a whole new mobile experience for all Airtel users. A tablet-style device, with a sleek design and extraordinary compactness for a smartphone, the HTC Magic presents a supreme mobile internet and multimedia experience. Enhanced with Outlook synchronization, Smart Dialler, and an onscreen keyboard with predictive text, the HTC Magic is a true entertainment and communication powerhouse. Also, to begin with, Airtel customers can avail many utility based applications such as Portfolio Manager, Hello Tune Manager, Weather Channel, Mobshare, In-mobile search and City Search on the HTC Magic.

Jack Tong, Vice President, HTC Asia, said, “HTC is proud to partner with Airtel in launching the much-anticipated Android™-powered HTC Magic in India. The HTC Magic opens up a whole new world of possibilities for people to enrich and customise their mobile phone. HTC has always been known for its industry firsts and technology advancements, and is thus a natural partner to Airtel.”

For Airtel customers, HTC Magic also allows free data download of 100 MB per month for a period of 6 months. The HTC Magic will be available at a market price of Rs. 29,990/- at Airtel Relationship Centres and authorised HTC resellers across 17 cities. The cities include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Cochin, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Lucknow, Bhubaneswar and Patna.

The Android™ platform constitutes a complete set of software for mobile devices: an operating system, middleware and key mobile applications. Developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of 47 technology and mobile companies, Android™ brings Internet-style innovation and openness to mobile phones and enables developers to create mobile applications to optimise the functionalities of the mobile phone. Android™ does not differentiate between the phone's core applications and third-party applications, thus providing users with a broad spectrum of applications and services.

Airtel applications available with HTC Magic
1 Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Manager is Mobile Client application to provide general public a secured and user friendly service platform. Its objective is to facilitate investors in Indian share market to manage their portfolio in a handsome way. Special offer for HTC Magic users – 3 Months subscription waiver
2 Hello Tunes Manager
Hello Tunes Manager will be used by subscribers to search for, buy and share hello tunes/hello tune albums. You can use Hello Tunes Manager to send/receive hello tune recommendations from friends, rate hello tunes and much more. Special offer for HTC Magic – Free Hello Tune downloads for one month.
3 Weather Channel
This application provides detailed weather forecasts for the current day and next 6 days. Any location of user’s choice can be marked as favorite. The user can obtain weather forecast for (a) Current location (b) Favorite location (c) Any other location of choice.
4 Mobshare
MobShare is a Mobile phone picture sharing Application that enables Immediate, controlled, and organized sharing of mobile pictures, and the browsing, of the shared Pictures.
5 In-Mobile Search
This application enables the user to search for contacts, image files, audio files and video files from a single interface. The user can search any of the above mentioned files starting with the query string entered. It provides the user to view the image or play the audio / video files without the use of any external applications.
6 City Search
This application incorporates both location and data call technology, steering you towards the very best activities that your city has to offer. For the selected category, the application retrieves appropriate list of options for any location review. The application provides the full information (address, contact number and other information) for any selected option. User also has an option to call the selected option or SMS the info from the application.

The unique features of HTC Magic
1 Superior support and unbeatable mobile internet experience
HTC Magic features a trackball with zoom in/out function. It is also equipped with fit-the-width rendering, and auto screen rotation for an easier navigation experience and internet browsing.
2 Providing broad flexibility for personalisation
The HTC Magic has a 3.2” HVGA touch screen display and features a trackball for easy access and a 3.2 mega-pixel camera. It provides full fidelity PC browsing experience, where users can expand and personalise their phone to fit their lifestyle.
3 Simply Better
HTC Magic is enhanced with cool HTC goodies like Smart Dialler and a versatile on-screen keyboard. Smart Dialler lets you call people in whatever way you like, by either dialling the phone number or by dialling the first few letters of the name of the contact. The versatile keyboard helps to choose the favourite way to type and the predictive text completion helps in typing much faster.
4 Choose Your Connections
Take your inbox with you wherever you go. HTC Magic allows Microsoft Exchange server synchronisation for email, calendar and contacts. Simply put, with HTC Magic, one can always keep the personal and office emails flowing.

A firefox bus seen near Mysore, India

The painter of this bus might have unknowingly painted this not knowing the signifance of what this art work stands for.In india most buses are custom painted.Well good for spreadfirefox.com!

Jun 22, 2009

Reliance netconnect broadband+ video review

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1 million units of iPhone 3GS already sold

:Image:IPhone_Release_-_Seattle_(keyboard) cro...Image via Wikipedia

Apple has revealed that they have already sold more than 1 million units of their recently launched iPhone 3G S smartphone model.

This milestone was reached within three days of the launch of the latest iPhone model.

This figure also makes it the most successful iPhone edition for the company.

Apple is currently selling the iPhone 3G S model in eight countries including USA.

Apple had incidentally touched the similar milestone within three days last year. But that launch was much wider.
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Chinese web surfers to boycott internet on july 1

Treasure Tripod Dedicated to the 21st CenturyImage by United Nations Photo via Flickr

Chinese web surfers are asking computer users worldwide to boycott the internet on July 1, in protest against a controversial software filter being used by the Chinese government.

The Chinese government has decreed that filtering software called "Green Dam" – sold by Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co. – be pre-installed on personal computers manufactured or shipped after July 1, ostensibly to block an influx of western pornography into China.

"Many web users and activists both inside and outside China fear a campaign against "unhealthy" sites is a pretext for a wider crackdown on groups and websites that the government fears or disapproves of," notes Reuters this week.

Olympic designer backs protest

Olympic Bird's Nest stadium designer and Beijing-based artist Ai Weiwei is one of the most pre-eminent members of the group calling on web surfers worldwide to boycott the internet for a day.

"Stop any online activities, including working, reading, chatting, blogging, gaming and mailing," Ai wrote in a Twitter post. "Don't explain your behavior."

"In order to prevent the transmission on the Internet of violence, and of vulgar information that harms young people ... there must be some form of public authority backing up social rights," noted the Editor of the influential Caijing business magazine, Hu Shuli.

"But the help should be a kind of service, must not be coercive, and should have the acceptance of society. Otherwise ... it will certainly be thwarted," she added.
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