Apr 25, 2008

Tips For Getting A New Internet Connection

1.THE RULE OF THUMB - The closer you are to the Internet service provider's building , better the service you will get (this works for every kind of internet service be it wireless or wired).

2.The most expensive internet connection is not always the best option.

3. Always talk to your neighbors having an internet connection about the quality of service they are getting.

4.Avoid cable internet companies like sify and tata indicom broadband as they have the least uptime due the internet cable coming on poles and their pathetic customer care.I warn you if you take these you are surely going to have a nightmarish experience!

5.Give preference to the companies which have underground cabling till your building cluster.

6.Wireless internet like mobile internet or Wi-Max may be a better option if you want mobility and high service uptime.

7.Internet in India is really expensive so better opt for unlimited plans which will give you piece of mind or else be ready to pay for accidental exorbitant extra usage charges in limited download plans.

8.If you take an adsl broadband connection then the splitter is provided so that you can connect telephones after the splitter,connecting telephones before the splitter or throwing it in the dustbin will lead to frequent internet disconnections.

Apr 17, 2008

HDTV set to enter Indian markets

TECHNOLOGY: DTH operators are planning to offer high-definition TV set-top boxes to customers.

It will offer you a picture resolution which is as good as a 35mm movie screen and far superior to what you are watching currently. In addition to that, you will also listen to CD-quality sound.

It will also offer you a widescreen format which ensures that cinema movies shown on TV do not come with the jarring black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen.

High-definition television (HDTV) is all set to make an entry into India by the end of this year. Direct to home operators (DTH) — Dish TV and Reliance Communications — are planning to offer HDTV set-top boxes to customers, of course at a premium, to have a glimpse of HDTV channels on their television sets.

Broadcasters like Peter Mukherjea-promoted INX Media and Star TV are already producing content which is on HDTV technology. And over 16 per cent (2.5 million) of TV sale of consumer electronics companies like Samsung are HDTV-ready.

Jawahar Goel, Dish TV director and part of the Zee group says: “All our DTH equipment is HDTV-ready and we are hopeful to sell HDTV set-top boxes by the third quarter of this year.” Goel adds the boxes are available at prices ranging between $85 and $100 which is double the price of a normal set-top box.

A Reliance Communications executive also says that the company is in the process of scouting around for content on HDTV and would be offering HDTV set-top boxes to consumers, though the timeframe is still not clear.

Content producers and broadcasters have already jumped into the bandwagon. Says Peter Mukherjea one of the promoters of INX channel: “It might be 30-50 per cent more expensive to produce HDTV content, but we have decided to be HDTV-ready with our news channel.

For a new channel it does not make sense for us to buy equipment which is not HDTV-ready.”

Even Star TV is taking the first steps in the entertainment arena. Kirten Adyanthaya, general manager, Star Plus, says: “Mahabharata an upcoming show on Star Plus will be made in high definition.

We are experimenting at the moment and based on the response we will consider high definition for other shows.”

Regional broadcasters have caught on to the potential. Andhra Pradesh chief minister’s son YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will launch a HDTV news and current affairs channel by October, which will probably be called Sakshi TV.

Reddy says the cost of an HDTV venture is about 30 per cent higher than television infrastructure in standard definition.

Experts say the push to HDTV has been prompted by the fact that the government has taken a decision that the broadcasting of Commonwealth Games in 2010 will be undertaken only on HDTV technology.

As a result, Doordarshan, which is also expected to launch HDTV on an experimental basis, has stated it will produce content for the Commonwealth in HDTV format.

Apple iPhone India launch likely in Sept

Indians will no longer need to illegally buy, unlock and then use the most-desired item on gadget lovers’ lists — the Apple iPhone. Its much-awaited and delayed India launch is expected with telecom operator Vodafone in the first week of September.

The Cupertino, California-based company, according to Apple retail sources, said initially the 8 GB version of the much-hyped touchscreen device — which combines Wi-Fi capabilities with a powerful email client, TV feeds, online music store and map-based location guide — will be launched at a price ranging between Rs 27,200 and Rs 28,000.

Based on buyer response, the launch of the 16 GB version will be staggered to the middle of 2009.

Apple sources in Singapore, when contacted last month, had maintained that the India launch would happen in 2008, but were tight-lipped on the exact date.

Apple reportedly claims to have shipped four million iPhones this January since its US launch on June 29 last year, and its chief Steve Jobs has targeted sales of 10 million units by December 2008.

The tie-up is an exclusive arrangement with AT&T. Initial sales targets for the iPhone in India or unit numbers at the time of launch are as yet unavailable, with Apple wary of grey market sales in India.

“The carrier deal for India is being worked out with Vodafone,” said an Apple source, adding: “Vodafone could also become the carrier for the Australian market once iPhone is launched there, though more than one carrier is likely for Australia.”

When contacted, a Vodafone spokesperson denied any knowledge of the deal. However, company sources confirmed the iPhone carrier deal with Apple, though the exact commercial terms were not disclosed. Mobile carriers that offer the iPhone share a percentage of their sales with Apple.

The Apple retail sources also did not rule out Apple extending universal access for iPhone users to all major telecom carriers in India.

“Post launch in India, the iPhone can be ‘unlocked’ (or configured to use SIM cards from all telecom carriers), though the company is not fully open to such a possibility,” the source said.

The real signs of ‘iFatigue’ in India over the long wait for the iPhone are evident on Internet chat forums where users debate thorny issues like how to unlock the iPhone without losing call quality, free open source hacker kits like AppTapp, the best unlock deals at the right price, and quick bargains in the grey market.

Meanwhile, Apple India’s tentative expansion plans in the coming year include opening a second branch of its exclusive product station, the iStore, in Bangalore’s southern suburb of Jayanagar to tap growing demand for the iPod series and the Mac Book Air workstation launched early this year. A third iStore is planned to be launched in Chennai this August.

As the Indian mobile subscriber base gets set to almost double to 500 million by 2010, brand positioning and pricing schemes will be crucial. Customer churn has increased across telecom circles from 18 per cent in 2006 to 20 per cent in 2007, according to IDC India figures. The iPhone’s entry could tilt the balance further, say industry watchers.

Further, the introduction of number portability could prompt customers to jump to competing networks or go in for superior handsets with better offerings.

No matter how much of the iPhone’s feature basket will be available to the user initially, those awaiting the launch agree that it’s better to have the ecosystem in place before buying the phone.

The rewards of buying the kosher version far outstrip the risks of stalking it down the murky alleys of the grey market, and hacking and re-hacking the device every time Apple releases a software upgrade. Till September, then.
(Business Standard)

Apr 16, 2008

MTNL IPTV iControl (Delhi) Review

MTNL had started a scheme by offering iptv only for Rs. 500 registration charge, set top box lifetime rent free,6 months viewing free& 6 months Video On Demand (Movies) free.The offer was irresistable for me, so at the next instant i called them up and booked a connection.

Reliance Broadnet Review

Finally 6 months after applying for the connection i finally got it.I live in delhi and got the connection through a CAT5e cable coming into my house. One can connect the cable directly to the ethernet port in the computer but i also had opted for the telephone service so i received a media terminal adapter i.e. an "innomedia mta" which has 2 lan ports 1 wan port (where the reliance cable goes in) and one telephone port.
A. Battery LED
B. On/Off switch
C. Power
D. Restore button
E. WAN port
F. LAN ports
G. RJ-11 port

It even has a 4 hour battery backup
innomedia mta

Now about the internet service , the speeds that you get the highest in india i.e. if you opt for 2 mbps you will surely get two mbps and spikes every 5 secs to 3 to 4 mbps.This is all posible due to the fibre optic cables right to our building clusterand if you download any thing from reliance's website you'll get speed of upto 10 mbps.But i must tell you the ping is higher than mtnl broadband.

After using it for two months it was down just two times and that too only for a few hours.
Although their telephone service is crap.

They are just a bunch of idiots sitting in mumbai who don't even know about the internet plans they are offering.

monthly charge RS 299
Speed 2000kbps
free usage 1 GB
Extra usage 90 paisa/MB

Fastest internet service I have ever used .
Ease of connectivity through ethernet cable.
High uptime.
fibre optics-so ready for speeds upto 100 mbps

Pathetic customer care
you need to login every 6 hours on their website as it automatically logs you out.
They do not provide wireless routers.
No USB connectivity.