Oct 28, 2014

Confused between ZTE DF800 and AC3633

ashish bharti

Ques. i want to bought mts dongle confuse between zte ac3633r and lava df800... which one should buy?

Oct 16, 2014

Vaio laptop vs a HP laptop

Arpit Chaudhary

Ques. hey
i just want to know which one is better for my needs
Sony vaio SVE14A15FN or HP 15-R007TX
I am a game and movie freak and i also want good battery life!
thanks in advance ^_^

Playing new generation games without newer graphics cards (In Hindi)

satish flues

Ques. sir,mere paas me jo computer he isme graphic card nahi he lekin phir bhi muje bina graphic cards ke 2 games access karna he cricket and wwe graphic card bahut costly hote he isliye mera budjet itna nahi he ki me kharid saku please baaba meri help kare ki bina graphic card ke kese games play karu please help me.

Earphones that work with both laptop and mobile

ujjawal joshi

Ques. I want to have an earphone which works with laptop plus mobile phone but I am confused whether one will work with another? Please help.

How to know the IP address of a website (In Hindi)

asmita phion

Ques. hi,agar kisi bhi website ka ip adress pc aur mobile se dekhna ho to kaise dekha jaa sakta he kisi bhi website ka ip address.

Airtel 4G router and external antennas

Sanjoy Das

Ques. Hi , 
Why does Airtel 4G ZTE MF 29 modem have 2 additional external antenna port at the back ? Does it mean that I can get better speeds if I connect two external antennas or only one external antenna is sufficient ? 
Many thanks & kind regards ...Sanjoy

Airtel 4G router with range extender

Saket Bagade

Ques. I have a Airtel 4G router (ZTE MF29 device) with me. But because I couldn't get enough signal within all rooms of my house; I bough D-Link DIR 505 device. I tried to set it up in "repeater" mode but somehow I couldn't set WPS between these 2 devices. Is WPS mandatory to work? If not, how can I setup DIR-505? What all changes would I need on both the devices? Please note that I haven't changed any of the default settings.

I tried searching your site and found couple of related queries but none of them answered my doubts. Any help would be really appreciated.

Oct 15, 2014

How to download YouTube videos

Murtaza Ogyft
Patna,Bihar, India

Ques. How to download YouTube videos on PC or Mobile?

Ans. As clock ticks watching videos on YouTube gets better, But at times it might save your time to have your favourite one's downloaded on your desktop, Then it may be a Game trailer you loved or

Oct 9, 2014

Suggest a smartphone in range Rs. 8k to 10k ?

Anagha M


Ques. Please suggest a smartphone in range Rs. 8k to 10k. I have NOKIA XL,  LUMIA 630 and SONY XPERIA E3 in mind. I want a big screen phone and a decent camera and basic apps working. My app use is limited.
Ans.  You budget is enough to buy a phone with 5" HD IPS screen.  We would recommend you to go with ASUS Zenfone 5 (8 GB).

best N300 Adsl router ?

Sanjay Jha
new panvel

Ques. suggest best n300 router and also its price 2)  I hv mtnl broadband shld i go for wired or wireless router, 3) I want to keep my router on ground floor how can I get internet on 1st and second floor my house is 100 sq ft

Ans.   Since you have MTNL Broadband you require Adsl wireless router.
         we would recommend to you TP-LINK TD-W8968 300 Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2 Modem Router .

Momentary disturbance in watching videos on laptop

Alok Kumar

Ques. I have a new HP 15series laptop, Specs of whose are Corei3 4th gen/4gb ddr3/500gb hdd/2gb nvidia geforce graphics. I have installed all the major drivers needed. The trouble I am facing is that when I am watching videos on my laptop, I get disturbance in the output from the computer's side. The disturbance is momentary until the scene in the video changes.

What is this trouble, How do I rectify it and whether I need to go back to the manufacturers?

Oct 4, 2014

The new iPhone 6 Plus: Overview

Apple recently introduced their two latest flagship phones the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 plus is the biggest iPhone yet in the history of apple. Actually it is not a phone, it's a phablet. The screen size is 5.5 inches!. Gone are the days when Apple used to say that 4 inches is the ideal screen size for one handed operation. This is a phone behemoth and functions well like an iPad.

Oct 2, 2014

New laptop under 25k

Aparna purohit
Ques. hi,

i want to buy a new laptop, my budget is around 22,000. please suggest what will be the best choice for the same as well as which site will be the best option for COD.

How to know if a website has been hacked ?

mohan webie
Ques. Baaba muje bataye ki agar website and blog agar hacked aur block ki ho to in dono main kaisa error show hoga jisse pata lage ki website hacked aur block hui hai.

Sep 25, 2014

The new iPhone 6: Overview

Apple recently introduced their latest flagship the iPhone 6 and what do you know, they have finally increased the Size... The screen size is now 4.7 whooping inches! ( by Apple standards that is whooping) . Gone are the days when Apple used to say that 4 inches is the ideal screen size for one handed operation. But what now? How will my teenie tiny fingers reach the top end of the screen? lets find out...

Sep 22, 2014

Upgrade 2.3.5 Android gingerbread to jelly bean

raj gupta 
Ques. my query is that i want to upgrade my 2.3.5 gingerbread to jelly bean in android.

Sep 16, 2014

Is India 4G ready ?

akshara baansu
Ques. In India 4g support  is available or not. Which smartphone is 4g compatible.
Ans.   Yes 4G network is available in India. Each circle in India have different operator that provides 4G in that area as per the spectrum assigned to them.

Sep 15, 2014

why internet speed is slow when many people share internet?

neeraj shrimali
Ques. why internet speed is slow when many people share internet connection and wifi connection.
Ans. Dear sir consider internet  as a highway when to many vehicles on the road the road gets chocked.

Info about twitter!

bhavesh josh
Ques. in twitter only we can 140text characters we can write how can we write unlimited text i use android phone.
        Sir, Twitter is a micro blogging site. It has a word limit set of 140 characters, this word limit is same for all platforms whether it is  Personal computer, or any mobile device ( Android/ Windows / I OS).

Best gaming phone under 10 k !

juzer radiowala
Ques. sir.i want to buy best gaming android phone in HD quality my budget is 10,000.
ANS.  Good question simple answer.

Consumer concern on Samsung LED TV or should have gone for Sony LED TV

Yogesh Chauhan
Ques. hello team,
I was in the confusion to buy the LED TV and I finalised the two models as per my budget one was Sony KLV 40R and other was Samsung UA40H5140AR series 5. But after discussing with few of my friends I bought Samsung because it was having feature of sound and video capture directly in the pendrive and also its having very slim and sleek design. Now some people are saying that Sony is the best and I have made a big mistake as I have bought Samsung.
please I need your views for my deal. Also tell me about few of the features whether they are available in my samsung LED or not. like backlighting, edge-lit and local dimming. Please let me the benefits of buying Samsung UA40H5140 series 5 over Sony KLV 40R

Solve low signal problem in airtel 4G LTE ZTE MF29 router

Darshan Achar 

Ques. I have an airtel 4g connection in Bangalore. I am facing network problem at my place. I am having zte MF29 router. It has 2 antenna ports which one should I use to connect an external antenna. Can you suggest me an antenna. I mean the product. 

Sep 14, 2014

Samsung rolls out kitkat upgrade for Note 2,Galaxy S4 LTE,Note 3 Galaxy Tab 4.

Samsung has not kept his loyal customers with flagship devices disappointed. As it has finally started rolling out KitKat update for Note 2 , S4, Note 3 and Tab 4.

For some it is 4.4.2 and others it is 4.4.3.

So, go on and check what update Samsung has kept for your device.

Use d-link dir 505 as a repeater

T.K. Ramanathan 
Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Ques. I want to use d-link dir 505 as a repeater  to my MTNL wireless broadband modem to extend the wifi coverage to the study room 20' away from the present living room. How to configure? Should this be done by going to MTNL?

Sep 10, 2014

i Phone 6 , 6 Plus to be launched in India on 17th Oct

The new I phone will be soon coming to India the expected launch is to be 17th Oct .

The new i phones are  a mouth shut for the premium android devices. As the phone are fully loaded with all the powerful features + there is i OS 8 ( which is a 64 bit architecture).

Take a look at both the phones.